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Art Appreciation

Posted on Fri Feb 1st, 2019 @ 10:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick & Lieutenant Dived Dumet

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Dived's Quarters

Dived had finally received his belongings and was busy arranging his art around his new quarters. He hadn't got very far, only having unpacked a pair of humanoid statues. The rest were still in the boxes that now filled his living room. He stopped for a moment to enjoy a nice class of Kanar. It was one of the few mementos that he enjoyed from his home planet.

She must have walked the corridor to his quarter 3 times before actually deciding to go up to the door. She hoped that he would not feel like she was stalking him. ::door chime:: She was nervous.

“Please enter.” Dived called out warmly as he poured another glass.

She was a bit tentative as she entered. "I hope I am not intruding."

He beemed at his friend. "You can never intrude Caressa. You have an open invitation." He poured another glass and offered it to her. "While you're here, want to share a drink and help me unpack?"

"Sure! What are we drinking? and Where do we start? Looking around the room. " Your quarters are quite large, I like the view out your window too!" Taking the glass from his hand.

"It's Kanar. " Dived was mesmerized by the view from his window just as much as she was. "This is a gorgeous solar system the humans have." He finished his glass and turned to his boxes. "Where ever you want. These are some of the projects I have finished over the years."

"I dont think I have ever had Kanar" She took a sip, it was rather thick, it didn't taste bad however. " Its a bit different but not nasty. Better than blood wine." She went to the first box and opened it. Pulling out the first canvas, it was a solar system. Where is this? Taking another sip of Kanar.

"Oh that, it's the Nial system. It is in the northern regions of the Alpha Quadrant. Starfleet hasn't reached it yet. I painted that when I was 17, in between repairing our shuttle that is. " He pointed to the two statues sitting on his desk. "Those statues are of the natives."

"Its beautiful, you may be more traveled than I am. Where would you like it hung? She looked around at the walls for the best spot. "Where thee native people welcoming?

He looked around the room. "Whichever wall you think is best. The Nial people were wonderful until they were killed by the Dominion." Dived desperately changed the subject. How many worlds have you been to?"

"Well as a child just Bajor, Betazed and Earth of course. On the Merc, I can't even remember. None that I was ever fortunate enough to connect with." She strolled around a bit more. " What about here? I think it would look nice.

"That's perfect." He smiled, "You have an eye for decorating. What's Betazed like? I have never been." He pulled out a clay bowl with intricate marking from the nearest box and placed it on the bookshelf. "I haven't been to many planet's in the Beta Quadrant."

"Its very lush and beautiful. My favorite spot is the Janaran Falls. Swimming in them is a bit brisk at times but a lot of fun." She pulled the next framed painting out of the box. She twisted it side to side. "Sorry but which way is up? Putting the frame down and sipping the last of the Kanar from the glass.

Dived next removed a complex sculpture that appeared to be a series of planets, ships, and station all connected. He placed this as the centerpiece of his table. "I never learned to swim." He looked over his shoulder at her. "Oh that is the Blossom nebula, it is constantly changing. One day I put one way and the next another. It is a vain attempt to try to capture it's beauty ad the fact that it is never the same."

Wow, its absolutely stunning! She turned it and turned it again. " I like it like this!" Turning to him. " Yes?"

Dived smiled, "I like it too." He walked in to his bedroom and returned a few minutes later with a painting wrapped in paper. "If you like that, you'll love this" He handed it to her with a smile that stretched from ear to ear.

She got that "look" on her face. The one that says " what is going on" but like the excitement of a child on Christmas morning. " What is this?" She glanced up at him with huge brown/black eyes and smiled. She pulled the paper off , not ripping it like she wanted too. She savored the moment. " The Dakeen Monastery? It's mine?"

"If anyone can appreciate it more than me, it's you. I hope it reminds you of home." He was happy that she loved it. Art should be appreciated, not hidden away and it. If he had kept it, it would have been shut away in his quarters where no one would see it.

She literally jumped into his arms, weather he was ready for it or not, her arms wrapped around him tightly. A kiss what then planted lightly on his lips. " This is the best day I have had in my life" Hugging him and placing her head in his neck like she was meant to be there.

Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick
Chief Medical Officer
USS Mercutio

Lieutenant Dived Dumet
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Mercutio


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