Shore Leave

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Shore Leave for our characters.

Side Stories

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For anything from flashback stories to logs/JLs which don't apply to the current mission.

Higher Education

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Silent Running

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The Mercutio is given a classified mission to end the communications blackout caused by the Gorn Silby destroying their prototype vessel.

The Voyage Home

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Our first real lead could be our worst mistake.

To Boldly Go

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The End of the Beginning

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Bless the Maker

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Man vs Machine

To The Rescue

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The Mercutio is sent on an urgent supply run to stop the outbreak of a deadly disease as two of its crew split off on their own investigation.

Special Delivery

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The Mercutio is sent to Starbase 134 (Rigel VI) to bring classified components.

Knock Knock

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The Mercutio leaves Starbase 134 and sets course for Starbase 2. Meanwhile they pick up odd readings which are chalked up to a faulty sensor coupling. At Starbase 2 the ship recieves three additions to the Engineering department and some surprising new orders.

Collision Course

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An accident in spacedock leaves the Mercutio with several crises all hitting at once.

Magic Mirror

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Eyes in the Sky

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