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Picnics and fun

Posted on Fri Feb 1st, 2019 @ 6:43pm by Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick & Lieutenant Dived Dumet

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Holodec 1

Caressa had sent the invite to Dived, she was excited for him to come and experience her home on Bajor. It was a holo simulation of her backyard, well her Uncles backyard. She had placed a blanket and cooked actual food. Fried chicken, potato salad, home made rolls, and mac and cheese. She had visited the market on earth and cooked everything at the ranch and brought it on board. Everything was in its place and ready. She was wearing a purple sun dress, her hair was down. She was barefoot, loving the feeling of the grass on her feet.

Dived walked through the sliding doors and into the beautiful world of Bajor. It was even more so than he remembered from his childhood. If there was ever a planet that he could choose to live it would be this one. He was glad that Caressa had invited him to enjoy this program. A quick look around revealed his friend sitting on a blanket. Her casual attire assured him that his choice of short sleeve shirt and slacks had been a perfect choice. “Looks beautiful Caressa, thank you for having me.”

"Not a problem, I hope you don't mind human food. I fixed it at the ranch earlier today and brought it on board." She padded the blanket for him to sit. She was so happy to see him again. Doing something other than work was something she needed for a long time.

Dived sat down. He was truly enjoying spend time with her. She was a truly caring person and a good friend. The Cardassian sheepishly ran his hand through his hair. “The funny thing is I have lived this close to Earth for years and never tried the food. What do you recommend?”

"Well today we are having fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, potato salad and rolls, sweet tea to drink and desert is a surprise." :;She pointed to each item. She had thought to herself often these past few days, how fast there friendship had developed. She was loving it, it was nice to have something to look forward too. She started to pull out plates and utensils. "What would you like to try?"

It all looked so good to him. "I'll try a little bit of everything if you don't mind." This woman had quickly become the closest person to him in his entire life. His own father didn't know the things this Bajoran woman did. He was very lucky to call her his friend. He looked around the scene around him. "Where on Bajor are we?"

"We are in my Uncles backyard, I spent some time here as a child. You can see the Dakeen Monastery from your painting right over there, between those trees." She looked over his shoulder and pointed to the trees, practically ear to ear.

He followed her gaze and saw the same building that had inspired him. It hadn’t changed at all from the fateful day. “That would mean I was standing over there when I worked on it.” He pointed to a cliff on the opposite side of the sky. “To think, I wasn't far from the woman I would come to count as a great friend. How long has your family lived here?”

All their lives. My mother was Bajorian, my father was half Human, half Betazoid. That is where my "abilities" come from. My Uncle Mikos has always pushed me to the old ways. I hated it when I was young, but I am so glad he did. My parents were Star Fleet officers. Most of my younger years were spent here." Placing the food on his plate and setting it in front of him. Making one for herself and pouring glasses of tea.

Dived felt envious. “Traditions are important. My family doesn't have any. Heck, we don't even have land because the government seized it as punishment.” He paused to take a bite of his food. “Hmm, delicious. What do you call this meat again?”

"Its fried chicken. Its a small bird the females produce eggs, they are good to eat also. Its seasoned, breaded and deep fried." She took a bite of Mac and Cheese. " I have three races of traditions. I can share mine with you. I also have a huge Ranch in Montana that my human grandparents left me. I have been very fortunate." She was so grateful to have a friend to share things with.

He took a bite of the delicious potato salad. “This is delicious. I would love to learn about them. We Cardassians are so regimented and boring. Our lives are so structured.”

"Dived welcome to chaos, I am Caressa your coordinator for this adventure." She giggled and grinned. " Think you can handle it?"

He smiled back at her. "Well coordinator, what's your first stop?"

"I think that before shore leave is over we need to visit the Ranch, fresh air will do you good. I cant wait to see you on a horse!" She started to clean up the dishes. " How does that sound?"

Spending time one Earth sounded interesting but he was a little worried. "What's a horse?"

Lieutenant Dived Dumet
USS Mercutio

Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick
USS Mercutio


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