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Lieutenant Dived Dumet

Name Dived Dumet

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 195
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Dived Dumet is a Cardassian male of slightly shorter stature. To compensate for this, he has a muscular build that he maintains through rigorous physical training. Unlike most of his people, he does not sport the slicked back hairstyle that is the norm but instead chooses to keep his black hair buzzed relatively short. The most distinguishing feature is the three inch long scar Dived has on the back of his skull that he received from an attack during his technical training. Upon receiving medical attention, Dived chose to leave it as a scare as a reminder of how far he still had go to overcame the hate that his brotherren had instilled in the quadrant.

When on duty, Dived prefers to wear an engineering jumpsuit with top half gathered around his waist, the sleeves of his undershirt rolled up, and a tool belt around his waist. This is in stark contrast to his carefully manicured appearance he maintains while off duty.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Luhar
Mother Lelan
Brother(s) Kovan
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Behind Dumet’s outwardly meek and quiet demeanor is the mind of a intensely emotional intellectual. Evidence of this can be seen in the poetry that he has been writing since his teen years. While his presence may go unnoticed by some, his work effort has been well documented by peers and superiors alike. He has been cited on several occasions by superior officers for being the first to arrive for a shift and for refusing to leave until a task is finished. Those who served under him in Repair Team Theta on board McKinley Station, have reported many times that he never asked one of them to do anything he would wouldn't do. In fact he became known for doing the “dirty” jobs so his peers didn't have to.

Also of psychological note, is his habit of spinning tools in his right hand while thinking is what is often remembered by his last coworkers. Perhaps more intriguing is his tendency to eat very simple meals, most likely due to his impoverished upbringing.

Strengths & Weaknesses Like many of his people, Dived went through intensive mind-training programs from as early as three that instilled in him an eidetic memory, and more amazingly the ability to resist the Vulcan Mind Meld. From an early age he displayed a nack in computers that through intense training and experience he would develop into an expertise that rivals most in the fleet. He has also developed remarkable skills in warp propulsion and starship design. Perhaps his most useful skills are his almost artistic way of problem solving and his talent at jury rigging.

Unfortunately, his jovial quiet demeanor has led him to have problems being taken serious by those unfamiliar with him. He worst of all suffers from almost crippling night terrors, stemming from constant terror of his family being discovered during the Dominion War, that limits him only a few hours of sleep a night.
Ambitions Dumet hopes to one day see a starship of his own design sail between the stars that will serve as both a beacon of hope for his people and a symbol as peace between the Cardassians and the galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Dived spends his free time either writing poetry, painting, sculpting or a variety of engineering projects like inventing new equipment or furthering the schematics of the starship he is designing.

Personal History Dived Dumet was born in 2356 on Cardassia Prime as the second child of geologist Luhar Dumet and Obsidian Order agent Lelan Dumet. As per Cardassian tradition, Dived began his education at the age of three and quickly surpassed scores set by his brother ten years earlier. This trend would continue throughout the rest of his childhood, with him besting his older sibling in every milestone. These would build an intense hatred from his older brother that still burns to this day. He would further differentiate himself from Kovan by refusing to join the Obsidian Order and instead focused on being an architect.

He would be 17 and only a year away from the Cardassian Institute of Art when his life permanently changed direction. In 2373, the Cardassian Union would join the Dominion in a move that both he and his father protested. This would make both men enemies of the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau and the duo were forced to flee the planet in a stolen Hideki class shuttle. Throughout the war, they would stay on the move in fear of being discovered by Dominion and executed as traitors. This constant travel would mean that they would be unable to stop for supplies, forcing Dived to serve as ship’s mechanic with barely any resources to speak of.

When the War ended, both men would return to Cardassia Prime in hopes of rebuilding their devastated homeworld. Unfortunately, both Dived’s mother and brother had committed heinous war crimes with which Lelan was executed for while Kovan was still on the run. This made both Dived and his father unwelcome in Cardassian society, forcing them to find other ways of trying to make a difference. Luhar would build a colony on an abandoned Cardassian station while Dived elected to join Starfleet.

He would run into the same problems with the Federation when his family's crimes would prevent Starfleet Academy from taking his application. He would instead be forced to take a civilian job as a supply officer on station K-55. He would serve in this position for two years before he was able to display his computer skills when he saved the station from a debilitating computer virus. As a thank you for his actions, the station administrator would write a letter to Starfleet Headquarters insisting that he would make a good addition to Starfleet.

The Admiralty would agree and Dived Dumet would be enrolled in technical training at the Academy facility on Beta Aquilae II.

In 2377 Dived would finally start on his path to join Starfleet when he began his technical training at Starfleet Academy’s Beta Aquilae II campus. While there, he would earn high marks and certifications in Basic Warp Design, Communications, Computer Control Systems, and Engineering. Unfortunately his success would spark mistrust among his fellow classmates, who would jump him and beat him savagely days before graduation. He would refuse to reveal the identity of his attackers and instead chose to use the incident as proof that he had to change the galaxy's view of his people. By the time he was fully recovered, all the choice assignments had been taken and he was forced to take the dead end position as a computer specialist along the Romulan Neutral Zone. He would spend the next five years splitting his time between his duty of maintaining the station’s computer systems and studying every engineering and science manual he could get his hands on.

All this studying would pay off when he passed the certification exams for Transporter Theory and Elementary Temporal Mechanics, both of which would qualify him to transfer to Deep Space 5 as an Operations Officer. He served in this post for two years and would gain yet another pair of certifications, this time in astrophysics and advanced warp theory. All these certifications would pay off when a visiting officer’s shuttle was in need of repair and no engineer’s were available to do the job. Dived would take it upon himself to not just repair but improve the shuttle while he was off duty. His initiative and skill impressed the visiting officer, the commander of McKinley Station, that he would be offered a position under his command.

The position turned out to be leader of Repair Team Theta, one of the many teams utilized to repair and refit Starfleet vessels. Over the next three years he would lead his team in hundreds of operations ranging from repairing the Defiant class escorts to refitting the aging Excelsior Class vessels.