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Posted on Mon Feb 4th, 2019 @ 1:58am by Commander Edra Crow & Captain Henry Crow

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: The Ranch House
Timeline: Day 1

Edra began unpacking their belongings while she was the only one at the ranch house. Henry was still finishing up some business at HQ, and the kids were off visiting their Aunt Michelle, who had graciously accepted them. And the kids, especially the girls, were excited to stay with her.

It didn't take long to get the clothes they'd packed put away. Food could be obtained later, but for now, the replicator would do. The few other items they'd brought with them found temporary homes quickly enough, and within an hour, Edra was parked on the porch swing with a glass of wine in one hand, and a PADD containing a novel in the other. She actually began to relax as she curled up on the bench.

About forty yards away from the house a shuttle drifted down and after a moment Henry exited, giving his thanks to the pilot and heading to the house. Spotting her on the porch brought a smile as he approached. "You look comfy."

She smiled in return as she watched him walk up the porch stairs, taking two at a time. She'd watched him arrive in the shuttle, as it was hard to miss the shuttles in the broad fields around the ranch. "It's amazing what you can do when you pawn the kids off on unsuspecting relatives. By the way, your sister says hi."

"See if she's still talking to me when she gets done having them for a few days non stop."

Edra chuckled and cleared a spot next to her. "As if you could stay away from your son for that long," she said with a grin.

He sat next to her, surveying the wide open space before them. "I wasn't much older than him when my old man took me hunting for the first time and we got a few days of downtime till we ship out."

"He took you hunting at three years old?"

"I didn't shoot anything of course but he took me out with him. He started teaching me all about the outdoors."

She nodded, understanding. "Well, we do have two days without without his sassy little butt, or the others. We should probably try to take advantage of that?"

"Probably? It's all I can do not to carry you upstairs since I got here."

"Well, I dunno what you're waiting for," she replied with a glint in her eye. "Of course," she added, glancing around, "We are the only ones out here for miles around." Her hand came to rest on his thigh.

He chuckled, gently taking the wine glass from her other hand and setting it on a small table before leaning in to kiss her. The moment couldn't have been more perfect. This was home.

Edra closed her eyes as their lips met, leaning into him as well. Her now-empty hand came up to rest against the back of his neck where her fingers gently massaged the base of his scalp. She broke the kiss just enough to say, "I've missed you." Between the job and the kids, they rarely had more than a few moments together when one or the other wasn't exhausted.

"That goes double for me." He kept her close as he lifted her up, standing with her in his arms. "How long did you say we've got an empty nest?"

She held onto him when he stood, her fingers continuing their ministrations. "Two days," she whipsered.

He carefully carried her into the house and began up the staircase. "We'll have to figure out how to pass that time."

A small noise escaped her as he climbed the stairs. "I have..." she kissed him at the corner of his mouth, "" along his jawline, "...ideas..." further down on his neck.

Easing down the hall to their bedroom he made sure to navigate her around the door frame. "Yea, me either." He gently laid her atop the bed, laying by her side. "No ship, no reports, no schedules. Just me and you."

She turned over onto her side, facing him. "It's been way too long. How did your meetings go today?" she asked, temporarily changing the subject as she played with the collar of his uniform.

"They said they think she's a nutcase and quickly sent me on my way." It was evident that bothered him.

She ran the back of her fingers gently over his cheek. "And what do you"

"If she's not crazy we're in a hell of a lot of trouble."

"Is there anything you can do about it? At a later date, I mean." It's not like she was letting him go anywhere right now.

He sighed, refocusing on her. "No, it's out of my hands."

She nodded. "Then we'll worry about it later, if we need to. For now..." She leaned in and pressed her lips to his again.

He followed suit and soon he had other things on his mind.

Cdr. Edra Crow
Executive Officer
USS Mercutio

Cpt. Henry Crow
Commanding Officer
USS Mercutio


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