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Getting Out

Posted on Tue Feb 5th, 2019 @ 9:34am by Lieutenant Commander Brielle Jayde

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Jayde Family Home/Dress Shop - Earth
Timeline: Day before Ballet

The past few weeks, Brielle had stayed with her parents. She’d seen her sisters who managed to snag a short visit, but had mostly just let her children have time with their grandparents since it was rare.

They all respected her decision of the divorce, and all of the paperwork had been finalized shortly after Razot had left the Mercutio. No loose ends, Brielle got the kids, he still left her the land he’d purchased on Bajor for Ossan and didn’t ask for anything.

From what she understood, he’d gone to see his daughter on Deep Space Nine.

But she hadn’t really gone out other than around the land her parents owned. She’d been buried away for so long that she didn’t even think to go out and do anything. But when the invitation for the ballet came in, she wasn’t even sure she wanted to go.

However, her parents made her go out and walk around town, clear her head. She hadn’t been in contact with any of the crew since shore leave started, and with there only being a few days left, she had just planned to go to the ship and get the kids’ new stuff unpacked and reorganize their quarters before the ship left again.

That was, until, she saw something in one of the shop windows. The town might be small, but their shops always had the best things. Doing a literal window shop, Brie stood and stared for a bit before the shop owner caught her.

“Brielle Jayde, as I live and breathe,” came the voice of someone who’d known her most of her life, at least when she was a kid. One of the few in town that could tell her and her twin sister apart. “Caught your eye, did it? It’d look amazing on you.”

Looking over to the woman, Brielle looked deep in thought. “How quickly can you do alterations...if I needed it tomorrow night?” The shop keeper grinned and ushered her inside. “We’ll make you look stunning in that dress, dear. Give you a fresh start and perhaps catch a few eyes in the process.”


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