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The final frontier

Posted on Wed Mar 31st, 2021 @ 8:30pm by Warrant Officer Michael Joustra

Mission: Knock Knock
Location: Starbase 2

Michael smiled as a tall young ensign ran towards him. She jumped into his arms and hugged him.

"Ouwe!" She grinned as she moved back but held his hand.

"Old one..... really... i wouldn't mind 'opa' or 'pops', sarah." He smirked.

"No, Opa is your dad and he's like ancient and pops is dad. Pops calls you 'ouwe' so that's what I do. Besides your more relaxed and less ancient than 'opa'." She chuckled.

" Yeah, he already was old when I was young. So you graduated. So red uniform, pilot or command?" He asked.

"Oh, I just got assigned to the Brisbane as flight officer. She'll be docking in two weeks so was told to wait here." She smiled as she guided him to the promenade. " I thought you where still on the Erasmus?"

" Nope, got assigned to the Mercutio. As chief of security. " he let go of her hand and straightened up as he saw Lieutenant Riley walking towards him.

Sarah looked at the older Joustra and was trying not to laugh.

"Lieutenant Riley what is it?" Joustra looked down at the shorter man and more or less grunted.

" I got the training reports and crew reassignment for you, Chief." Riley said as he hand over a padd, he looked at sarah and smiled and nodded. " Ensign." He then looked at Joustra and grinned.

" Whipe that grin off your face and dismissed, Lieutenant."Joustra forcefully pushed the padd back."Ensign, follow me."

Sarah put her arm through his arm and winked at Riley.

" For two people who don't mix well together Captain Joustra and Warrant Joustra are really the same." Sarah said as she saw Riley was out of sight and removed her arm.

"And for a young just graduated Ensign you just made my week a living hell, because somebody is gonna tell the doctor, counsellor and whole command staff of my ship they saw me hugging, walking arm in arm with a young 20 year old ensign." Joustra sighed. " your like your grandmother."

" Yeah, I did the same thing to Oom Mark at Starfleet command training. Walked into his class gave him a big hug and a kiss and Skipped out of his class room." She laughed.

" Your a menace. Your a Joustra as well. I take it the retired admiral wasn't none too pleased. Mark isn't know for a sense of humor." He chuckled.

" Oh he found it funny, he even played along and messed with his class of future captain's. We had a great laugh about it. He really got relaxed since he retired." She said as she stopped at a small boutique point at a scarf.

" Have to call him I guess. " he sighed as he just held out his thumb for buying the scarf. " does he still blame me for his cat?"

" Yeah, you might not call him... that is better or first call tante mel. Thanks for the scarf... I saw some earrings which would go perfect with this." She said as she dragged her grandfather along.

"Saar, I am not your own personal piggy bank and your not 7 anymore." He whimpered.

" But..." she looked at him with a quivering lip.

" Jezus, okay, it's the eyes and the lip that still work. Where did you see them.

" oh! I also saw some great shoes" she skipped ahead as Michael just shook his head following his granddaughter. ' this is gonna cost me 6 months of alcohol.' He muttered under his breath.

Warrant Officer Michael Joustra
Chief Security Officer, USS Mercutio

Ensign Sarah Joustra
Flight officer, USS Brisbane


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