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Warrant Officer Michael Joustra

Name Michael Joustra

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 60

Physical Appearance

Height 186cm
Weight 80kgs
Hair Color Brown/grey
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and well built. Always a five o'clock shadow.


Spouse Three ex-wives
Children 2 sons and 1 daughter no contact.(ooc: will be developed later for character)
Father Hans joustra, politician and adminstrator(retired)
Mother Dr.Jennifer Joustra-de Vries, md(retired)
Brother(s) Rear admiral Mark Joustra,retired
Sister(s) Admiral Melanie de Vries, Starfleet Command
Other Family Job Joustra, Historian/merchant,uncle
Sybrand Joustra, diplomatic corps, uncle

Personality & Traits

General Overview He's rough and blunt. And doesn't mince words.
He's an old warrior and at the point in his career that he really doesn't care about rules and regulations quite a charmer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Several injuries over the years have taken it's toll. Hip and liver have been replaced.
Physically in peak condition, but psychologically the years have taken their toll.
Ambitions At the point in his career where he is at a juncture to quit or stay. Loves his work and service in Starfleet, but has taken it's toll personally.
Hobbies & Interests Staying fit, football, history,archaeology and drinking

Personal History Born in gorredijk, friesland on earth. His father has been a civil servant for many years. Like many of his family members.

The youngest of three with an age difference of 20 years with his older brother and 15 years with his sister.Michael grew up pretty care free and spent his time helping his mother in her medical practice.

He loved football, playing as a midfielder in local team. And reaching Oranje u18 team. Thanks to his uncle gained a love for Frysian history and became an amateur archeologist.

While at age 18 he was at a juncture to go to university or work on a dig on earth. It became Starfleet.
After being accepted to the academy he dropped out after 1 year and enlisted as a security crewman.

The academy was boring in his words and he joined Starfleet to explore. His career is summed up in a multitude of
conflict engagements Galen,Tzenkenthi,maquis,Cardassian,Borg, Dominion.

His first deployment was as security officer on G-6. He spent 10 years there. Got married to his first wife and had two sons.
After that spent time on earth as a drill instructor the one nobody wanted. As conflicts where rising and figuring out he wasn't the father type and his wife wanting to go home they divorced. Michael then spent his career hopping from conflict to conflict. Surviving several engagements.

While serving on new alkmaar colony as federation security was stabbed by a pickpocket which cost him his liver.

Broke his hip years ago while serving at the academy. While running a group of cadets through their survival course.

Spent the last few years on his first ship as Security/Tactical officer. The USS Erasmus a old Sabre class which survived the Dominion war. Which mostly survived as a border patrol vessel near tzenkethi space.
Service Record 2354-2364 starbase G-6, starfleet security
2364-2369 Starfleet Enlisted school, drill instructor
2369-2380 Starfleet Security, 3rd, 4th and 7th fleet
2380-2386, Survival specialist, Starfleet academy
2386-2396 USS Erasmus, Security/tactical
2396- present USS mercutio Asst chief security/tactical