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Popping up everywhere

Posted on Wed Mar 31st, 2021 @ 10:19pm by Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick

Mission: Knock Knock
Location: Everywhere
Timeline: current Mission

Caressa paced her quarters, to say that things where getting out of hand was an understatement. She was afraid to sleep. She was afraid to work from lack of sleep. Rumors where getting out too. She thought about the past weeks. She at first thought she was having nightmares and sleep walking due to her research on old earth stories about sasquatch. Things were getting out of control

Episode one: She woke up covered in a blanket in the arboretum. Thank god no one was around, so she went unscathed.
Episode two: She woke to find herself in turbo lift two. Again, no one around , but as soon as she was up, the TL stopped on deck 6 for someone. She brushed it off.
Episode three: She found herself in main engineering, it was late at night and than god no one was around. She did accidently run into a crewman in the hallway. Thank god she had pajamas on.
Episode four: She found herself outside her quarters in the hallway. She woke to two crewmembers, having a good laugh. She was a bit startled and sat up and went into her quarters.

After episode four she had enough, she had been talking with Millie, so she wasn't crazy. She had scanned her brain to make sure she had no neural degeneration, no masses, all normal. She checked herself for any temporal displacement, that was negative too. There were no gaps in her cell sequential structure, if she had been beamed off the ship. She checked the biofilters herself from the last time she was logged into the transporter.

She would have to talk to Henry more sooner than later. God only knew when she would be whisked away, stolen away, or who even knew maybe it was a medical condition she was not aware of. Maybe Chance would be the better person to go to.

Her eyes where becoming heavy, and she dreaded going to bed. That was it, she had to talk to someone tomorrow. She laid down and closed her eyes hoping that she would be in her bed when she woke.


She slowly started to open her eyes, it was dark, darker than she was used to in her quarters and that feeling came over her. She was not in her bed, however she was on someone's sofa, or she prayed not the bed.

Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick
Chief Medical Officer, USS Mercutio


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