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Welcome to the team

Posted on Tue Mar 30th, 2021 @ 7:07pm by Lieutenant Constance Stewart & Warrant Officer Michael Joustra

Mission: Knock Knock
Location: Deck 14: Security Chief's Office

Joustra was busy in his office working on transfers and shift rotations. Also getting in an assistant chief would help him out a lot. He had asked his yeoman to order her to report to his office today, seeing that this was the only scheduled day he was in his office.

Constance was nervous as she walked toward Joustra's office. Looking around as she did. Noticeing things have changed since she left the Merc last. She was now assistant to both security and tac. She approached the door and knocked on it.

Joustra looked up as he was handed another padd by his clerk and then looked at the door as heard the knock

"That's Lieutenant Stewart, sir, you asked her to report. " the petty officer said as he took away the padds of his desk and left Stewart's file on his desk.

" Oh yeah, dismissed, vaughan and let her in."

Vaughan nodded and head for the exit passing Stewart he nodded to her.

" Lieutenant Stewart, come in, sorry for the mess, take a seat." He said as he picked up her file looked at it and tossed it back on his desk. He got out aldebaran whiskey and two glasses." Michael Joustra, warrant officer, csec, father of three, grandfather of at least 2 grand kids and proud alcoholic." He smiled.

Constance nodded back at Vaughan as he passed her.
Walking into Chief Joustra's office she looked around at the office as she sat down. Noticeing the Whiskey and the two glasses.
" Lt Constance Stewart assistant Csec and tac. It's ok sir when I had this office it was pretty messy as well".She smiled back "I'm half Romulan half human but raised by a Vulcan, no kids yet."

" I work for a living,lieutenant, might be head of the department, but you still out rank me, call me,chief. Yeah, most of my stuff is in transit. Still was three weeks travel just getting here and Starfleet wanted me here asap. Now I run Security on an Akira class, in my time these where proper combat ships. Heck ,I joined Starfleet when the Ambassador class was top of the line. " he said as he poured the two glasses." So you already had a word with the Ctac?"

Constance "haven't talked with Ctac yet Chief but we know each other. This ship here was my first ship I had worked on a remote space station before I transfered here. Captain Crow was in Security I was under him he trained me. When the former Captain retired he moved up to Captain. I moved up to head of Security. I was with this ship for 9 plus years before I left for almost 2 years.

Joustra sat back and looked at Stewart and than took a sip of his glass.

"Yeah, I expect officers too know what is expected of them. So you're my 2nd. I want fitness, combat and hand-to-hand above fleet average. Not a target it's a demand. I don't run an informal department, that's for the next csec, I get them up to Starfleet standards. I make sure the department hates my guts. Your job is to rally them behind you." He grinned as he took a swig of his glass. " I'm the bastard, you are the relief. You'll get the properly trained security department and I get the medal, commendation and promotion."

Stewart *looked back at the Chief as she took a sip from her glass* "Yes Chief I take my job very serously. I will get this department into above Star fleet Standard shape.while at the same time earning their respect and trust. I have some Ideas for how to at least get started in the right direction. As far as the medal and promotion goes. Those don't concern me to much at the moment.

" I'm a 60 year old warrant officer, promotion not really a motivation, medals neither,have more then enough." He pointed at the plaque behind him on the wall. " Just need to keep up an act that I'm a right bastard. As for ideas always open for suggestions. First I'm toiling up the crew rotations, then I need oversight on training schedules, also might be beneficial for the ship to pick out ten security members who are basically the away team security. Not an elite team just need to have a security squad on call when needed." He went through his padd and handed her the crew roster and training schedule.

*takes the padd and looks over it* " I disagree about the Security away team not needing to be elite. You never know what your going to run into on a away mission I used to go on away missions and things can go really bad really fast. I think the team should have specialized training. So they can be ready for anything. They need to be on top of their game more than the average officer.
I will gladly help you with the training schedule I also think training with holo programs would be a good idea for the away team and ship crew.

" I don't like elitism. So if you form that team no special benefits, no weird name. As for the specialised training check the next page. Got combat scenarios, investigation scenarios, observational scenarios. It's mostly available to all the crew, but mandatory for the away team security. Add to it. Over the years picked up training programs all over the fleet so some might seem familiar." Joustra looked at his desk panel. " Now, welcome aboard, ease your way in. I think Ctac might throw more responsibility on your shoulders as she's also the second officer. So I don't want to add to your workload, so dismissed, lieutenant."

*she stands up* "I'll just take this Padd with me and look over it if I have any questions I'll ask you. Thank you for your time Chief" *she walks out of the Chiefs office and back to her quaters to look over the PADD she was handed*

Warrant Officer Michael Joustra
Chief Security Officer, USS Mercutio

Lieutenant Constance Stewart
Assistant Chief Security Officer, Assistant Chief Tactical Officer, USS Mercutio


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