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Girl's Night

Posted on Mon Oct 22nd, 2018 @ 9:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick & Commander Edra Crow & Lieutenant Commander Brielle Jayde & Lieutenant Edruj Daughter of Thrawn & Lieutenant JG Kayla Straut & Lieutenant JG Aemilia "Millie" Stepanova & Banks

Mission: Side Stories
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Immaterial

Brielle knew that this had been coming for a while. All the guys were either on dad-duty or doing...whatever it was that they did. But tonight? It was girl's night, no boys invited. She wasn't sure who sent out the invite, but she offered to setup the holodeck. Unfortunately, she was a bit out of practice.

Between a toddler, an infant, she did find time her husband. But this was a night away from everything. He'd even agreed that she could do whatever she wanted, within reason. And yet, she was having trouble picking the program, and the other girls would be there soon. So she was standing there outside the door, looking through the programs.

Caressa had secretly sent out the invitations. Little did Brie know it didn't matter what program she picked, it was already set. The females on the crew were due for a well deserved night out. She asked Brie to reserve the holodeck but she wrote the program. It was set to the earths 1980's era, a group called the Chippendale's dancers was just what the good doctor ordered. A night of frivolity and arousing fun. Just to get out all those frustrations of leadership and to many male hormones floating around. The drink orders had been placed and she was just waiting on the group to show. She was enjoying the "eye candy" of the servers! She was dressed in a purple dress with crystals decorating the edges, stilettos to match. She was dressed to kill, well at least get some attention.

Millie stepped onto the holodeck, her emerald-green mini dress hugging tightly to her dancer-body...and she froze. She flushed a deep shade of red as one of the servers pressed a beverage into her hand.

Caressa stood and waved as the first guest arrived to indicate the area of the party. She had booked the VIP section with private servers and a pre-planned drink agenda to ensure the best possible experience. "Millie! Welcome! ::pointing to a seat at the VIP sofa::

Eying the panel a moment before Millie got there, Brie rolled her eyes. “Really, Caressa? Of all the programs...” she said to no one as she stepped inside. She was just in comfortable clothing, without and kids leftovers on them. But when she stepped inside, her eyes went wide at the servers as she followed into the VIP section. “Caressa...”

Edra arrived just in time to hear Brie. "Ahh, so this is her work, huh?" The Bajoran nodded and entered, her knee-high boots hitting the floor. She subtky adjusted her blue strapless dress so that it fit a bit more comfortably. It had been a while since she'd done anything like this. It had even been a while since she and Henry had had much alone time, which was probably why he made a passing comment as she was leaving. Even though she hadn't understood hit, his grin told her it was in her favor. "Hello, Ladies," she said with a smile.

Caressa welcomed Edra to the fray. "Ladies welcome, this night is all about us. I have taken the liberty to order drinks for us all." She waved the scantily clad robust young man over, he had on a black thong that did not leave room for any imagination.

The young man looked at a seated Edra and in a deep Australian accent asked " Ma'am would you like a pop my cherry or panty dropper?" holding the tray in a provocative way.

The look on her face gave away how unprepared she had been for a line like that.

Brie sat down and couldn’t help but giggle at what was asked of Edra. “Better answer him, Edra.”

"Um..." She was still recovering. It had been a long time since she had done anything close to this, and she was plainly out of practice. "I'll take this one," she said as she grabbed for one of the displayed drinks. She wondered if she even wanted to know which one it was.

Edruj was not sure that she was even going to go to the party when she recieved the invitation. However, she thought it would be a good way to get to know her fellow officers, or at the very least she would be able to use it as a case study. So she went to the holodeck and she wore a simple Klingon civilian outfit. She was unsure of what to expect, however, when she walked into the holodeck she was floored.

The tall Klingon female was unsure why there were naked human males dancing. She just did not understand. She found the table where everyone was sitting and took the last seat. "I do not understand what the point of this is."

Edra took a sip of her drink. "For us, it's to relax, have a good time, enjoy the food, drinks, and scenery. For Caressa, I'm pretty sure the point is to make our jaws drop."

Brie picked a drink, looking at it before taking a sip. "That last one is the one I'm sure will happen. Though, our husbands might enjoy it once we get home," she grinned over at Edra.

Well some of you have someone to drop your panties for, some of us don't. :: She winked at the girls:: " Time to get this party started. She waved at the DJ and and the song Ride My Pony came on. "Ladies if you remember an old earth movie called Magic Mike with Channing Tatum, your going to get to see it live.!" Caressa handed out old earth money to the girls. " Time to live it up! " She gave out a hoot and stood up waving her money at the dancers.

Millie quietly seated herself, holding her drink in her lap. She silently took everything in...not looking...entirely comfortable.

"Commander I fail to see the enjoyment here. We are all strong women, if you are interested in the male take him. There is no need to sit and watch from the sidelines." Edruj spoke and smiled broadly. She was also amazed to find that one of the servers had blood wine on their tray, so she indulged. "Caressa must have programmed this, remind me to thank her." The Klingon woman laughed. She thought that watching human males take off their clothes was not for her, but at the very least she would enjoy the company of her crew-mates.

Caressa looked over the group. Edruj looked like she might actually be having a bit of fun, but Millie. The counselor needed some serious fun. She pulled one of the servers over and instructed them to take her a drink. Everyone at this party was at least going to have one drink. Edra and Brie were chatting and having fun. Caressa took the opportunity to grab another drink, and tucking a twenty into a dancers thong.

"If only it were as easy as just 'taking a male'." Millie chuckled, managing a smile amidst her feeling totally out of her league. "If it were so easy, then humans wouldn't have such elaborate courtship routi---" The counselor let out a squeal of surprise as she turned, and found herself, well, eye-level with the lower torso of one of the scantily-clad dancers...who grinned as he extended a drink to her.

I would love to "take a man"! :;wrapping her arms around the neck of a dancer and seductively dancing:: The music changed and then a group of Klingon male dancers appeared on the stage. Caressa turned and winked at Edruj. "Something for everyone!"

Brielle shook her head at everyone else, sipping her drink. She sat back, rather enjoying the show. She wasn't sure if she was enjoying the show or watching the other girls more though.

Millie gingerly took the proffered drink, and quickly averted her gaze from the 'package' at eye level. She made attempts to find 'safe' places to look, but found herself...relatively surrounded by mostly-naked bodies. Her gaze averted to the floor as the 'safest place to look', and she flushed a shade of red that was nearly as dark as her drink.

The Klingon woman looked at the males on stage. While Klingon males gyrating on stage was unbecoming of a warrior, there was still something about it that grabbed Edruj. She let out a guttural growl, and took a large swig of her blood wine. "Come now counselor. Let me show you how to take a man." The Klingon woman took the Counselors hand. "First you must show them that they do not rule you, you are equals in battle and in bed."

Kayla slipped into the room a bit late, she has just finished work and wanted to get a shower before she came. Even though she didn't know what to expect from this girls night out, Kayla decided to give it a try for a bit and try to become less anti social. Once inside she felt the wave of body heat and the smell of drinks, it was almost to much but she pin pointed Millie and shot over there to take the sear next to her ignoring the man in front of her.

Millie gave a yelp of surprise, both at being pulled off her feet, and at the strength of the Klingon woman. Quickly, she grabbed Kayla's hand. "Help me..." she jokingly whimpered, dragging her fellow Russian along for the adventure.

Kayla anchored onto Millies hand and followed her friend as the Klingon dragged her around. "Coming!"

Edruj was not sure if these dancers were programmed to react as Klingons would. But she would find out soon enough. "First you approach and speak your intention. You are a woman and every bit as important as him." She stood behind one of the dancers and spun him about to face her. "jIH chavmoH wutlh SoH" (You are chosen to service me) The male dancer smiled and turned to resume dancing. Edruj spun the man around again and bit him on the cheek. To which he responded by headbutting her. The Science Officer had forgotten all about being a scientist, her Klingon was showing. She grabbed the male Klingon and hip checked him to the floor flat on his back. She came down hard sitting on the man's chest. "chaq wej puj Petach." (Perhaps not for you are weak Petach)

Edruj got off the man and began to walk back toward the table and her drink. She glanced over her shoulder and saw that the man watched her leave with the look of lust in his eyes. "You see ladies that is how you take a man. That one is mine now."

Millie flushed an even deeper shade of red, turning to Kayla with a look that resembled a desperate plea for help. "Well," she said, turning back to Edruj, "I'm...not entirely sure how that would translate over to...human courtship."

The Klingon woman laughed and gulped her blood wine. "Millie it translates easily. I may not be a counselor but I have studied humans for years during my time on Earth and in Starfleet. Your race is not as physical as mine, however, the psychology is the same. I have seen that most human females when courting wait for the man, or more accurately yield until he is interested. You should not, you should go to him tell him of your wants and at least in your speech and manner expect that he deliver. Of course if he does not deliver then my dear he has shown his weakness and you need to find another. When the dancers change back to human males, you show me what you can do. Eh?"

Millie sputtered. "I...well..." Her eyes glanced around the room at the servers wandering around the room as the Klingon dancers continued. "I don't know that there's any here that...are...quite what I'm looking for." She once again looked to Kayla for a rescue.

Watching whole scene in front of her, Brielle just laughed. "I'm glad my husband is only part Klingon. No biting...much." She sipped her drink with a grin.

Kayla sputtered and looked to Millie and then to the klingon woman and shurgged. "I... I uh I am not good in this situation"

Caressa waved again at the DJ and the dancers changed. The Klingon that Edruj had tossed came to her and and said something in Klingon. She was quite proud of herself it looked as if the girls were all having a great time. Tucking the occasional twenty into a dancers g-string. A new wave of drinks appeared. Caressa tossed back that double of tequila. "Come on girls its our night"

"Caressa, you are seriously giving me more drinks? Have you not seen me drunk before?" Brie picked up another drink anyways, not waiting for an answer.

Edra looked between the two women before settling on Brie. "Probably not. She wasn't here for your bachelorette party." She winked as she started another drink of unusual colors.

Edruj with a broad smile on her face nodded toward the dancers on stage. "Now Millie, go show us how it is done. Take the one you want." She twined the goatee of the Klingon that was now enamored with her as she spoke.

"Yes Millie! Let's see you take one!" Caressa chimed in.

*But I don't think I want ANY of them...* Millie thought to herself. She put her hands on her hips, looking out across the dance floor. She looked back over her shoulder at the other women, took a deep breath...and slowly headed out across the dance floor.

"Do not take baby steps. Show them, show them all that you are in control. They should worship you not the other way around. Make them believe that without you life is a mere spec of existence, not worth living. Then if you do not want them throw him back." Edruj shouted as she downed yet another cup of blood wine.

Edra took another drink of her own before helping to egg her on. "You got this, Millie! Show 'em who's boss!" Her grin widened, and she was glad she didn't have to go through this anymore.

Caressa just about spit out her drink when she heard Edruj's comment. She sat down in the lap of the dancer she grabbed. "You go girl! she yelled after Millie. She played with the dancers hair at the nape of his neck.

Brielle smiled and let out a laugh as some of the alcohol kicked in. She was having far to much fun watching, but her mind kept reminding her to keep her hands to herself. "Go Millie!"

Millie took a deep breath, slowly approaching one of the dancers--a younger gentleman, with dark hair and an olive complexion. She slipped an arm around his shoulders, and leaned in close to whisper in his ear.

"I'm *really* sorry about this..."

And in one quick move--a skill she'd learned in her training with Banks--she pulled him over her hip and flipped him to the floor.

Edruj's smile broadened. "Q'Pala! Now keep it going"

Wincing, Brie frowned. "Um, humans don't quite do things like that."

Before the dancer could protest, Millie sat astride the dancer's chest, grabbing both of his wrists and pinning them to each side of his head. "I'm *really* sorry for the rather abrupt introduction...but I'm Millie...and if I didn't take you down like this, I'm pretty sure the Klingon in our party would have done it herself."

The dancer craned his head, looking over to the VIP booth, before looking back at Millie. "So noted." He paused. "And am I correct in assuming you can't go back empty-handed?" He gave her a wink.

Millie shook her head.

He flashed her a smile. "Then if you promise to let me go, I'll play along."

Millie let out a sigh of relief/embarrassment and stood, releasing her captive.

Seeing the woman rise with a man caused Edruj to laugh. "See I told you, men must be conquered, it is known. Q'Pala" She raised her glass in toast.

"So...I..." Millie flushed, hearing the hearty Klingon cheer from the VIP section. "I'm sorry. I didn't get your name."

"Mourib," he said flashing yet another smile and offering the counselor his arm. "Though, for the evening, you can just call me yours."

Brielle stifled a laugh. “Well...didn’t expect that to work...” She looked into her cup and giggled.

Banks entered the holodeck, wearing a blue silk oriental styled dress with gold design. Her new fangled blonde locks were curled and pinned up and she wore her cherry red lipstick, usually reserved for "special" occasions, enough that Chance gave her a second look when she was getting ready.

The program was about what she had expected. She hadn't intended to even show up but Chance had encouraged her to socialize and with him working a night shift and Kieran sleeping over with the girls and Marcus, she didn't have anything else better to do. When she spotted the group, specifically Millie and the holomale, she smirked and approached. "And what do we have here?"

Looking over as Banks walked in, Brie's eyes went wide. "Wasn't quite sure if you'd make it. You look amazing." Her eyes glanced to Millie and her holographic man. "You missed it."

"Missed what?" Millie asked, stepping up into the VIP booth on the arm of the dashing Mourib. She smiled--though a slightly embarrassed one--as Mourib gently released her arm and slipped his arm around her hips.

Edra couldn't help an eyebrow shooting up at the actions of the "conquered" man. "Your skills on the dance floor." She answered with a grin. "I didn't know you were such a fast learner, isn't she, Edruj?"

Banks sat down next to Brie with a quiet thanks for the compliment and grabbed a random drink from a passing server. "So other than Mr. Muscles over here what else have I missed?"

"A whole lot of barely clothed men, and quite a few drinks that Caressa decided to have for us. And they aren't the synthehol stuff either." Brie shrugged and took a sip of her own drink.

Millie flushed a deep red at Edra's comment. "I'm...not exactly a quick learner. I started training with Tricia when I was stationed on the ship the first time." She smiled at Banks. " has paid off, I think."

"Appears that way." Banks took a long sip and turned to Caressa. "Is she going to be allowed to keep him for....future programming?"

Millie blinked. "Wait...what?" She flushed an even deeper shade of red. "What do you mean 'future programming'?"

Caressa nodded. " Yes, she can keep him for future endevors!" Winking back at Millie preoccupied with her own man.

"Q'Pala!" Edruj shouted. "Now you take what you have learned here and bring it away from the holodeck." She said as she gulped yet another tankard of blood wine. She began to sing and encouraged her friends to join in. "bach! chal wovmoH
SuvchoHpu' wo'

yay'a'! 'ey 'oH
yay'a'! 'ey 'oH
yay'a'! 'ey 'o-'oH

meHDaq luchu'
jIHDaq matu'
pa'! Doq jaghna'

After a few chorus repeats, Edra did her best to chime in, but she wasn't positive that she wasn't butchering the language.

Banks mumbled the words mostly under her breath, not being one for public singing.

Millie was grateful for the singing, as it was finally removing the attention from her. The holographic companion she'd found seemed...rather affectionate, though not overwhelmingly so. Still, she found it hard to entirely relax with the arm around her waist, and the occasional hand that brushed a curl away from her face.

Brie didn't start singing. Instead, she just sat and drank yet another drink. She was definitely starting to feel the drinks, and knew once she got back to her quarters, it'd be a fun night there as well. Her eyes caught Banks. "Not one for singing either," she asked, slurring just slightly.

Banks shook her head, finishing the drink in her hand. "Never been very good."

Caressa laughed and then look at her watch. "Oh dear, look at the time! Well ladies as they say all good things must come to an end. You may save any of the holo dream boats you would like to keep. Personally they are fun to play with but I like the real thing." She looked at Millie and winked.

Then the holodeck went dark and the arch appeared. Caressa waltzed to the door and greeted her guests each as they left.



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