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Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress

Posted on Tue Oct 16th, 2018 @ 8:05pm by Captain Henry Crow & Commander Edra Crow & Commander Vox Templar & Lieutenant Commander Brielle Jayde & Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick & Lieutenant Constance Stewart & Lieutenant Edruj Daughter of Thrawn & Lieutenant JG Kayla Straut & Lieutenant JG Aemilia "Millie" Stepanova

Mission: To Boldly Go
Location: Briefing Room
Timeline: 2 hours after the away team's return

As the Mercutio sped towards the Badlands, following whomever it was who attacked the freighter, the Senior Staff has been called to the Briefing Room to go over what the away team found and to discuss the possible ramifications.

Kayla came in and took to her seat quietly, reading on the PADD while waiting for the rest of the staff to get there.

Brie had been sitting in her seat, tapping a PADD against her hand that had the information from the scans on it.

Constance hurries into the briefing room looking around seeing that she's not late. She walks over and sits at her seat PADD in her hand.

Edruj walked into the briefing room as her thoughts still mulled the events of the away team over. There was something there, something with the ketrecel white that would cause all of this. I am almost sure of it... she thought. As was her way she stood behind her chair lost in thought, until the Captain arrived.

Caressa strolled into the Briefing Room, she looked a bit tired. Her last few hours were spent organizing the remains and scheduling autopsies of the crew they found. She took her normal seat at the conference table.

Banks entered the briefing room in her normal black attire but considerably more tan with more blondish hair. She grabbed her normal seat in the corner by the viewport.

Commander Templar calmly walked into the room and took the seat next to Doctor Melanick and to the left of the captain's empty chair. He could smell her intoxicating scent quite clearly as he leaned back in his chair. He inhaled deeply and exhaled as he looked around the room at the other officers coming in.

Caressa's eyes looked up from the PADD as Vox took the seat next to her. She offered him a slight smile and a long look, then went back to her PADD.

Millie slipped in quietly. She paused at Commander Templar's chair. "Still on for tonight, da?"

Caressa heard the comment but didn't skip a beat. She continued the work on her PADD.

Vox looked over at the counselor and started, "Well, actually..."
He was about to tell her about work but at that moment the captain and first officer entered the room.

Henry entered with Edra with him and they took their seats. "Alright, we're about six from the Badlands and whoever it is we're looking for." He turned to Edra. "Why don't you fill us in with what your team found on the freighter?"

Millie quietly took her seat, taking an atypical position at the other end of the table.

"Unfortunately, we found the entire crew, executed," she answered soberly. "Most were in the cargo hold, except for the bridge crew, who were at their stations. My guess is that they crippled the LaRee by taking out the bridge crew first, then rounded up the rest of the crew. Vox's team worked on the computer." She looked at the Intel officer. "What did you find?"

Templar spoke up and looked around the room as he tapped the table controls to bring up a still image from the ship. "Inside the freighter security office we found a video feed of an unknown woman walking down a corridor with four Jem'Hadar soldiers. The recording was badly damaged. We weren't able to obtain much more than that. The ship looked like it was tossed around pretty good. They must have been searching for something specific. There's no indication of who she is or why Jem'Hadar would be following her. She doesn't appear to be a Vorta." He looked back over to Edra for her to proceed.

"We know Ketrecel White was found on the freighter," she continued. "Did they take any of that with them?"

When the Captain entered Edruj took her seat and awaited her chance to speak. "It seemed from what I could see that in fact they did not take any of it with them. Quite the opposite, they destroyed a fair amount of it. The chemical was strewn all over the deck plating in various parts of the ship."

Edra's brow furrowed, "Did I miss something? Are the Jem'Hadar no longer dependant on it? That seems rather odd behavior for them."

Brielle shook her head. "Far as I knew they still needed it. I hadn't heard anything to say different."

"Actually there was a genetic mutation that some Jem'Hadar were born with that they produced the white that they needed. Maybe they were genetically altered?" Caressa stated as she looked up from her padd.

"Not being dependent on the drug would stand to reason why they followed the woman. Perhaps she is paying them. What we could be looking at is a team of mercenaries." Edruj spoke up. "It stands to reason that without the need to fight for the drug the decided to fight for prosperity or money."

Henry listened intently to the reports. "The mysterious woman is obviously the hub of all this. She's the one giving the orders. Run whatever visuals we have of her through the computer and see if it can match her to any known person."

"And have we heard any report about that other ship that was also attacked?" Millie asked.

Taking it all in Kayla sighed softly and waited for any new information. She was keeping a running log of what was going on at this meeting for her own sake.

Brie contemplated what was being said. She hadn't done any research on anything deal with the Jem'Hadar or Ketrecel in..really ever. She never found a reason to, until now. Her eyes scanned the room as she continued to listen to the others.

Henry turned to Millie. "Nothing to do with our situation. That was a regional issue between two neighboring worlds. Bad timing on their part."

Edra looked back to Vox. As an Intel agent, she figured identifying the woman wouldn't be too difficult. "Commander, can you and Banks work on the scans?"

Vox looked at Edra and nodded his head. "Of course, commander."

Banks nodded absently from her seat, already scribbling some thoughts onto her PADD.

Constance listens putting a few things in her PADD she has dealt with the Jem Hadar before she would have to do some research to refresh her memory. She would also have to research Ketrecel White she forgot what that was. She continued to listen to everyone.

Henry put his hands flat on the table. "As if it needed to be said, once we enter the Badlands we're going straight to red alert so prepare your departments for that. I don't know if we're heading into a fight but if so we're damn sure going to win it."

"I'll have my finger over the button when we get there, Captain. Everything will be ready if someone decides to bring us a fight." Brie stated, knowing everything was going to get tense once they were in the Badlands.

At the reminder of the Badlands Edruj turned toward Kayla. "Lieutenant I will require any spare power you can muster for the sensor grid. It will take some interesting tweaking of the ship's scientific sensor array. But I believe I can tie them into the tactical and navigational sensors. This way we will have a small edge as we move through the Badlands."

Henry looked around the room. "Anyone have anything else to add?"

Brielle shook her head to the question, feeling anxious about all of this.

Millie shook her head. While her face didn't betray her emotions, heading into danger made her feel...somewhat helpless to help in the moment.

Edra looked around, and seeing no apparent questions, looked over at Henry. "I think we're good."

He nodded. "Alright, dismissed."


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