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Baby check

Posted on Mon Jul 9th, 2018 @ 5:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Brielle Jayde & Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick

Mission: Side Stories
Location: Sick Bay

Caressa was in her office awaiting Brie and the new little one. She had scheduled a well-infant visit to get the little one on the ships log officially.

Having been caught up with a toddler while trying to get Aysel ready for her appointment, Brielle ended up pulling them both along to sickbay. Ossan wanted to watch, and although the original plan was to take him to child care for a bit, it didn't work that way.

Instead, they ended up late for the appointment. Heading towards Caressa's office, she peaked her head inside. "Still got time for us?"

"For the newest member of the crew of course! She motioned to the well-baby room, it was stocked with toys so Ossan could play while his sister was being examined.

Ossan bounced ahead of them when he saw the toys. He, of course, had been in here before. That didn't mean he didn't head straight for the toys each time. Smirking, Brie brought Aysel over and let her lay down, wiggling in the new environment. "Sorry for being late, still getting used to life with two kids."

"You should try twins! I totally understand. Boy, she is gaining weight well, within her height and weight 90th percentile for her age. Any issues? Feeding? Sleeping?" as she picked up Aysel, looking her over.

"I am a twin, runs in the family. I got lucky that I don't have them. But no issues that I've noticed. Typical infant sleeping cycles. She does play with her ears, but not like Ossan did with any ear infections. Might just be because they are bigger and easy to grab." Brie couldn't help but smirk. "Razot's ears have taken a beating."

"Oh dear, well at least she is active. How have you been doing? Mood swings, excessive tiredness?" As she was checking Aysel's ears, nose throat.

Brielle leaned back against the nearby wall and gave a slightly shrug. "Yes to the second, but comes with the territory. Mood swings? Not that I'm noticed, but then again, I'm coming down off the ones I had from carrying a baby with three species mixed into one."

"Well, if you start having mood swings let me know" She swaddled the little one. "Well she is all ready to go. You can make an appointment with the nurse for her vaccinations for next month. I make them give them so the little guys don't hate me." She said with a smile. She pulled out a lollipop for Ossan. "Here ya go Ossan?"

Spotting the candy, Ossan bounced up and grabbed it, sticking it in his mouth. He immediately seemed content. "Sugar, the way to a toddler's heart. Can't blame you on the vaccinations thing though. I'm a trained medic, remember? I've had to do it in the past and it's hard. Haven't in a while, but still." Brie scooped up Aysel who curled up in the blanket. "At least she doesn't fight like he used to. Oh, I will let you know about mood swings. As a tactical officer and second officer, they might happen."

"I am sure they will, they do even when we do not have given birth recently. Just make sure that you take care of yourself. If you need anything let me know." She smiled.

"Of course. Might add you to the babysitting list if you're up for it. That is, if you can get past Banks."

"Sure add me to it. I think I will pass Banks security process. I need things to occupy my time." She grinned.

"If she's got a security process to babysit any of the kids on board, I'd love to know. She's protective of all of them." Brie grinned and adjusted Aysel as Ossan pulled at her arm. "Mommy, all gone!" He said as he held up the empty stick. "No more, you'll ruin your dinner."

"Well, I will get with her to make sure that I pass." she picked up the padd and started to enter the information. "Just let me know"

Nodding, Brie gave smile. "Thank you, Caressa. Glad to know this little one is growing up strong." She was soon being pulled away from the room. "Okay, okay, I get it. You want to go home to dad. See you later,"

"Not a problem" as she watched them head out the door, shaking her head. Thinking to herself Brie had a lot on her plate. She stepped back in her office to download the information in the padd in the main computer. "Welcome to the Merc, Aysel."

LT. Commander Caressa Melanick
Chief Medical Officer
USS Mercutio

Lt. Commander Brielle Jayde
Chief Tactical Officer/Second Officer
USS Mercutio


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