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Eight Days A Week

Posted on Mon May 2nd, 2022 @ 2:46pm by Lieutenant JG Evan Gahs

Mission: Magic Mirror
Location: Primary Computer Core Control, Deck 8


It was cold in the computer core. But not enough that Evan and Computer Specialist Bendix would see their breath before them. The unseen colling system kicked on over an hour ago without warning. When Gahs walked into the Control room he found Bendix frantically trying to figure out the source of the overheat.

"This is strange," Bendix said. Just as the whirring fans ceased. "The computer is rarely overtaxed."

"Could have been the upgrades," Gahs started to tap in his command codes into the console. "The computer isn't exactly top of the line. Keeping up with the changing standards could cause the core to take on too much."

Bendix shook his head. "An overheat would have occurred while we docked at the station."

Gahs agreed. Any computer upgrades were securely performed once a ship docked at any station within the Federation. It was an automatic process in order to ensure that every Starfleet ship had the same information and it also dumped unnecessary or important files in order to free up space.

Evan looked toward the deck above. The transparent decking let him see further toward the ceiling on Deck 7. Encased along the bulkheads, the fibreoptic cabling snaked and wove to and from the core itself. "Have you checked the cabling?"

Bendix squinted, "What do you mean? Internal sensors..."

"Internal sensors aren't always direct," Gahs interjected. "The sensors may have read that the core overheated here on Deck 8. But what about the cables that run into from here?."

Gahs took out his tricorder and began scanning along the bulkhead, the floor they stood on, and ended at the console behind him. The device dinged. "There it is."

Removing the panel from under the console, Gahs and Bendix discovered a frayed cable. "It looks like it was chewed."

"Computer," Gahs called. "Had there been any life forms in this room recently?"

[There were no known life forms in Computer Control, Deck 8 in the past 24 hours.]

"What would cause, this?"


"Wait," Bendix called out. "Doesn't Engineer Golas have a pet mouse?"

"A pet mou..?"

"Be right back."

With that Bendix left the Core Room leaving Gahs alone. He leaned against the console. "A pet mouse. Who the hell brings a mouse on a Starship?"


Gahs turned toward the source and found a tiny gray creature scuttle along where the deck met the bulkhead. "Found you!"

Gahs punched his badge. *Gahs to Bendix. I think we found Mickey"


Lt. JG. Evan Gahs
USS Mercutio


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