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Unnecessary Complications

Posted on Wed May 25th, 2022 @ 2:36pm by Ensign Evelyn Moro

Mission: Magic Mirror
Location: Computer Lab

Evelyn put the finishing touches on her new sensor program but her mind was on the Bridge from an hour before. Lieutenant Harris was unlike anyone she'd ever met. He was brilliant and he exuded a confidence in it that she found remarkable. His knowledge about alternative universes was something she wished she could tap into but it's not as if when this was over she could take him, that would be heavily forbidden.

Tapping the screen the diagram of the ship turned green with about two dozen red dots. Soon there would be more, many more.

The door behind her swished open. She wasn't surprised, she'd followed the dot approaching. "Yes?"

Travison, the Security Officer stood at attention. "Ma'am, I wanted to let you know that I had a talk with Ajom. He will not repeat his mistake in Astrometrics."

"Thank you. I know it is hard for him to have seen Romulus missing but as I warned him we're playing under different rules here."

"The Counselor is still in her own office which has allowed us to transfer another half dozen."

"That is most excellent news," Evelyn swiveled in her chair. "But that's enough for today. I need to get back and begin making a romantic dinner."

Travison hedged a moment. "I passed an officer in the hallway yesterday, very short. Should we do a cleansing?"

"NO," she stopped, realizing she had unintendedly raised her voice. "I realize that it is protocol but again...different rules. Once the third shift has been replaced we'll move to the second. One last thing. There is an Operations Officer, an El-Aurian. Tell the others to avoid him until our numbers are better."

"What if he figures it out?"

"Then I'll handle it."

He shot out his arm in a salute and exited. She slowly swiveled back to the screen watching the red dot walk away. Taking a small device out of her pocket she transferred the sensor program to it, then replicated a contact lens she popped in her left eye. The diagram of the ship and its tiny red dots appeared. She was almost impressed with herself but that was for another time.

For now, she had to plan their meal.


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