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Lieutenant Evan Gahs

Name Evan Gahs

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human-El Aurian
Age 210

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown (Sometimes)
Physical Description Athletic in build, handsome, and has a tall bearing despite his height. Gahs has the semblance of a Human in his early 30s. Because of his heritage, he can also make minor changes to his appearance such as the color of his hair and eyes. However, because he is half-human this ability is extremely limited to only cosmetic and he cannot alter the structure of his body or the pigmentation of his skin.


Spouse 3 (Deema, Cava, Lyndra) all deceased.
Children Zen Gahs
Hasha Gahs
Michael Reese - Adopted
Ingram (Deceased)
Nivelle (Deceased)
Charlene (Deceased)
Father Zen Gahs (Deceased)
Mother Charlene Gahs (Deceased)
Brother(s) Corbin Gahs - Shop Owner, Earth
Kirk Gahs - Grain Farmer, Earth
Sister(s) Andra Gahs-Ayers, PHD - Philosophy Chair, University of Pennsylvania, Earth
Other Family William Ayers - Brother-in-Law - Xenobiology Professor, UPenn

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gahs is intelligent, observant, and often considered the life of the party. As it is with most El Aurian Hybrids, Gahs have inherited the "good listener" trait and is easy to get along with.

Gahs can also be described as stubborn, opinionated, and pushy when provoked.
Strengths & Weaknesses Easy to get along with but stubborn and pushy.

Limited "listening" abilities.
Ambitions Gahs's age has allowed him to witness a lot of history both on Earth and El Auria. Most of what he wished to be has changed over the years because he had achieved much of his ambitions except for joining Star Fleet. Now, as an officer, he can't wait to explore the Galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Piano, Terran Guitar, Chess, Card Games, Cooking, Reading, Visual Arts, Klingon Opera, Parasailing, Camping, Exercise, and a score of others.

Personal History Born in the Terran Year of 2185, Evan Gahs is one of five Human/El-Aurian Hybrids born roughly 20 years after the founding of the United Federation of Planets. Zen and Charlene, his parents, kept his unique parentage a secret for many years as at the time the planet El Auria had yet to be discovered by any Alpha or Beta Quadrant Species. Zen met and fell in love with Charlene while Zen was on an exploratory period of his life. Evan is the youngest.


Living on Earth, though just a child, Evan and his family lived a quiet life. His mother was a Linguist who taught at Pennsylvania University. Zen was a farmer. Evan and his siblings spent most of their life helping his father on the farm, mostly growing and harvesting quadritricale.

In 2219, Zen Gahs perished in an accidental fire on his land. The fire suppression system malfunctioned before anyone could have saved him and three farmhands. Evan's hand was badly burned. After the funeral, Charlene confessed to her children that their father was not Human but a long-lived species are known as El Aurian. It wasn't known if Evan and his siblings inherited their father's traits but as time went on certain things started to manifest. Such as a low latent empathic ability common among those of that species.

Evan left Earth for a life in the stars hoping to find his father's home planet. For many years he served aboard cargo vessels and Federation Ports, including Mars, Luna, and Vulcan. During a return visit to Earth, Evan was granted passage onboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), under Captain Robert April.


Evan Gahs, went under several pseudonyms during the Klingon/Federation War and the Battle against Control. Gahs's life was spent far away from the war fronts as he finally discovered the location of El-Auria on the border of Beta and Delta Quadrants. Gahs met his first wife, a Deltan named Neema. He settled down for life with her but sadly it was determined that because of his unique physiology, they could not produce children. Neema died in 2265 in a freak shuttle accident.

Evan left Delta for the Delta quadrant via several transports. It had taken him ten years to do so and eventually found El Auria.


Evan spent the majority of his life on El-Auria studying its history, its culture, and honing his skills for "listening" and other attributes. Evan started using his real name for the first time in centuries. He met his second wife Crava, they had five children. Like his father on Earth, Evan was a farmer.

-The Borg Attack and the Enterprise-B Incident-

Late one evening after a long night of the harvest, a strange sound was heard throught planetwide comm system. Though the rumors of this sound had been known for some time by many, it wasn't until a green glow in orbit of the planet signified a terrible fear; the Borg was attacking.

Evan was able to escape with his family and evacuate his adopted new home. Evan found himself and hundreds of others as the last of his kind. They were refugees.

Thirteen years later, after being rejected by the Klingons and Romulans, for settlement, the El Aurians was accepted to travel to Earth by the request of the Federation President for resettlement on Luna. Evan secretly contacted his brother still living in the City of Chicago, who agreed to help Evan move to the same city.

While en route, the ships that carried Evan and his family to Earth found itself trapped in a spatial anomaly-ribbon known as the Nexus. He and two of his children were on the Lakul while his wife and the rest were on the Robert Fox. The latter was destroyed after a discharge from the ribbon struck the engineering deck.


Evan and his remaining family lived in the City of Chicago for many, many years. Living quietly, among the populace. Both of his children joined Star Fleet. After suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome, Evan decided to return to life in the Cargo trade. However, after the war with the Cardassians, Evan returned to life as a farmer on Mars.

That all changed when Evan's wanderlust won over again and he joined the Cargo Service until the end of the Dominion War wherein afterward he joined Star Fleet.

Service Record 2300 - Entered the Federation Cargo Services
S.S. Creedance

2310 - S.S. Creedance is decommissioned.
Retained for S.S. Ansalom

2320-2350 Remained with Ansalom

2350-2375 Ansalom and it's convoy is destroyed by the Dominion. Evan is one of 10 survivors.

2376 - Gahs joins Star Fleet Academy

2376- 2380 Studies Star Fleet Command and Operations at SFA

2377 - Cadet Cruise, USS Sebring

2378 - Cadet Cruise, USS Alamain

2380 - Graduates Star Fleet Academy

2380-2381 Assigned to Deep Space 6 in the Starship Repair and Refit Division

2381-2385 Returns to Sol after the death of his third wife Lyndra to served on Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards.

2385-2394 - Unofficially retires from Star Fleet to raise Lyndra's son from an earlier relationship, Michael Reese.

Remains in a consultancy and reserve capacity at Utopia Planetia.

2395 - Returns to active duty