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Pitter Patter

Posted on Tue Sep 7th, 2021 @ 3:21pm by Patricia Crow

Mission: Side Stories
Location: Personal Quarters

Patricia cleared the dinner table as Kieran played in the living area. Tonight it was just the two of them with Chance pulling some extra night shifts. Her mind, as it had so often of late, drifted to thoughts of more than one little mouth to feed. The situation they'd just come through with the Klingons and Gorn, to say nothing about the thing that Ensign Moro created, had diverted her for a while but now her mind was back on track. Since she'd learned of the revolutionary therepy which could reverse her reproductivity she'd thought of little else. As the Mercutio headed to Deep Space K-7 it might finally be an opportunity to put in for some leave and pursue if her dream could become a reality.

Dr. Teid Reppep held answers she needed where it regarded her opportunity for expanding their family naturally. Chance was open to the idea though she knew he was wary of this doctor and what little he knew of the background. There was only one other possibility to repair her and she was NOT making that call.

As she dropped the dirty dishes in the reclaimator she made a few mental notes to continue her research. Even if she wasn't blowing things up as reguarly she still had connections and those people could help build the trail to Reppep.

It was then that Kieran came up to her to entice her to play. They both knew that he was wanting to keep his bedtime at bay but she wasn't going to complain.

It was a mother's perogative.


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