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Ain't That a Kick in the Head

Posted on Tue Sep 7th, 2021 @ 3:38pm by Captain Henry Crow

Mission: Collision Course
Location: Deep Space K-7

Henry sat in his Ready Room in the midst of the graveyard shift. Normally he didn't take the overnight but the officer who was scheduled had asked if he wouldn't mind switching and truth be told he didn't. It was quiet again on the ship with the Klingons having departed for their trip home. It was a good thing too, he wasn't sure his liver could have taken too many battle-story sessions with them. He expected in the next day or so that they would recieve their next orders from Starfleet.

He made some notes, continuing to work on his letter concerning Joustra's fate. The man was a bonified hero no matter his tact. Henry reminded himself to seek out his Klingon Science Officer for a talk about what had transpired in that entire situation.

As the minutes ticked by he glanced out the viewport at the few ships which like the Mercutio were visiting DSK7. If his eyes didn't decieve him one of them looked like a new class of ship designed for scientifc anomoly studies. 'Avoid the nebulas' he muttered to himself as he gave then unsought advice.

He tapped his badge. "Still all quiet?"

"The young woman running the Bridge laughed. "Expecting trouble tonight, Captain?"

"Expect it every night."

"Well for now all systems check out, Engineering is upgrading the forward torpedo bay, Sickbay reports two visitors with minor injuries, and it appears the late dinner in the lounge is Tamarian meatloaf."

His stomach lurched. "I'll pass." Before he could say more he lurched again, this time out of his seat as the entire ship shook from an impact. As the ship tried to compensate, the Mercutio spun in space, gasses escaping from the gaping hole gouged in her side.

"Captain! Something hit us, we have hull ruptures Decks 5-8. Main power is fluctuating, sickbay is reporting dozens of injuries. Captain?"

Henry heard her words as he felt his head spin then he fell unconscious.


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