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The Next Big Step

Posted on Wed Sep 1st, 2021 @ 4:26pm by Ensign Evelyn Moro

Mission: Side Stories
Location: Counselor's Quarters

Ensign Evelyn Moro
Personal Log
Stardate 99267.67

It's been two days since the end of the recent crisis. We're on our way to Deep Space K-7 to drop off our Klingon guests so they can be taken back to Kronos. They've been exceedingly nice and joyous in the lounge singing songs and drinking near non-stop. Their science officer who is the pseudo acting leader has had many questions about the particle I created and which nearly destroyed us all. I've not wanted to say much or be too open but I hope I haven't come off as rude to him.

I've finally finished moving all of ny personal belongings into Millie's quarters. What had begun as a temporary measure seems to have expanded its boundries so to speak but I don't mind. Through all of this she has never been anything but supportive and this new adventure while filling me with anxiety also fills me with hope for a future I never thought I could have.

My mind drifts to the particle now and then. Long range sensors show it's still there and survived the explosion of three warp cores. Is it alive and conscious? Does it think? If it does, am I it's mother? It seems to be sitting still and waiting, but waiting for what? Maybe just a new energy source or maybe it's waiting to grow and evolve. I don't mention these thoughts to anyone because it seems like this is something everyone wants to move beyond and I'd rather not remind them I was to blame for all of this.

Well it's bedtime. When we arrive at the DSK7 I think I may send Aiden and Emma some gifts for their upcoming birthday. These recent events have reminded me how tenuous life is. I don't want to ever lose sight of that again.

End Log


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