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Taking the Leap

Posted on Thu Apr 19th, 2018 @ 9:26am by Commander Edra Crow & Lieutenant JG Chance Crow & Captain Henry Crow & Banks

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Crow Ranch
Timeline: MD 3, 0930 Hours

The morning breeze that blew across the grassland cooled off the heat that was already setting in on the morning after the party for the crew. Some beakfast items had been set out on a table on the patio by the pool, and some leftovers from the night before were on their way out, carried in Henry's hands. Edra poured coffee all around as Chance and Banks took their seats. Once the mugs were full, she offered the cream and sugar. But Chance held a hand up. "No thanks. I've been drinkng it black lately."

Henry set the platter down. "Breakfast of galactic champions."

Banks nodded her thanks and sipped her coffee, eyeing the leftover ribs even at this hour she could do some damage to them.

Edra grabbed the scrambled eggs, and a couple slices of brisket and smiled at Henry. "I'm not sure if this is better fresh or the next day."

"Perfection never loses its luster." He grinned as he heaped leftovers on his plate.

She shook her head. "A simple 'Thank you' would have sufficed."

Banks looked to Chance, giving him a subtle nod to his parents.

He returned a look that indicated he was well aware of what they needed to tall about. He'd wanted to wait for a better moment than first thing after sitting down, but he wasn't sure he wanted to find out what she'd do if he kept her waiting. "So, we have a favor to ask of you guys."

"What's wrong?" Henry asked after knocking out a rib.

"Nothing. But we," he looked at Trisha before turning back to his parents, "We're hoping to have the wedding before shoreleave ends."

Henry wiped his mouth with a napkin, looking at Edra to gauge her reaction. She had stopped midbite, and looked at both of them. "In less than 10 days?"

Banks set her mug down. "We want it to be relatively small and simple and really we finally made it home...we don't want to tempt fate again."

Edra looked at Henry. "It makes sense. We'll be away from home for a while." She looked back to them. "Do you have any of the other preparations in place?"

Banks went on to detail, in excruciating fashion, this small and simple wedding as she'd envisioned it for months on end.

Henry nodded when she finished. "I missed the part about what color socks he's going to wear." When Banks looked at him dryly he just grinned, biting into another rib.

Edra shook her head, "What about the things that need reservations or to be purchased?"

"We need to find an officiant," Chance chimed in. "I'm sure we can both find the clothes we need...and flowers, and music. So, we'll be busy, but I think we can make it." He grinned a bit sheepishly.

Henry looked at each of them. "Well, looks like we're gonna have ourselves a wedding. Just tell me what you need and we'll get it done."

"Well, for starters," Chance began, "You'll be a guest. We'll get food brought in. We want you to have a chance to relax, be with the rest of the family." He hoped that didn't go over badly, but they had talked about it.

"Imagine that, a man fired from his own kitchen." He took a bite with a smirk. "I think I can manage for one day."

Chance nodded. "Good. We'll get some chairs for the guests rented." He looked at Edra. "Can you help make sure we're covering everything? We can talk about it later."

She nodded, cradling her coffee in both hands. "Of course."

"You two looking for a religious ceremony or a civil one?" Henry asked, looking between them.

Chance looked at Trisha. "Neither of us is invested in having a religious officiant."

"Alright, I can make some calls and get someone to handle it." He looked off into the beginning of the yard, imagining the layout and how to make it happen."

Banks took a long drink from her mug. "That would be a huge help."

Chance took hold of her hand with a smile. "Indeed. Thank you."

Edra looked at them. "Which day are you planning for?"

Banks looked to Chance. They had never actually discussed that.

He looked back at her. "What? I thought you had everything planned." There was a mischevous glint in his eyes.

She took it as a challenge, looking back to Edra. "How about a week from now?"

Edra nodded. "That would allow for some downtime, even a chance to get away for a few days before we're called back."

"I'm happy you two are finally to this point."

Banks folded her arms. "Weren't you the one who was concerned in the beginning?"

"Well, a little. I didn't want the boy to piss you off and then you go shoot him or something."

"I would never shoot him." She left off denying the 'or something' as she smiled at Chance.

Chance just stared at her flatly as he ate the last few bites of bacon from his plate. "Why does that look scare me?"

Their interaction proved to Henry that this was the right move for both of them. Edra shot him a knowing look that conveyed her similar thoughts. The two of them had gone through a lot, and always came out stronger on the other side. This only seemed like the logical next step.


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