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Trail blazing

Posted on Sat Feb 20th, 2021 @ 6:07pm by Warrant Officer Michael Joustra

Mission: Side Stories
Location: Csec office

It had been a busy day for Michael. He had his files and was going through them. On his desk was the bottle he confiscated and a few empty glasses. He had already placed his plaque with medals on the wall. And the dedication plaque of the USS Erasmus he stole. He was wearing his uniform now, the whole civilian get up was raising eyebrows when he checked the armoury.

He made a few points to see several of his staff face to face. But first his departments heads. He was looking at his desk computer as most of them walked in. The most senior of them Lieutenant Riley and T'son seemed most taken back. The master-at-arms senior chief Munroe just grinned. The two Ensign's where just confused.

"So, people and chief. Take a seat have a drink, my office has a replicator. No alcohol or synthehol on duty so stay away from the green stuff on my desk" Michael said not looking up still reading the reports.

As the senior people of his staff started moving chairs and ordering beverages. Michael was now paying attention trying to read the room.

"So now that we are all here, I'm the new head of security, just address me with chief. For the officers.. call me Mr. Joustra and you'll be reporting to the chief engineer for waste extraction duty." He looked at the Lieutenants.

"Now I've been looking at the reports from the medical staff I requested. On average you score fleet standard at 60%, Lieutenant Riley, you have the best fitness record,I want you to start running physical drills starting tomorrow, I want a training schedule in 4 hours. I want that number to 100% and no ifs,and, or buts about it. This is a combat vessel so I'm going to run this department like it's supposed to run. Lieutenant T'son, I want you to start the hand-to-hand combat training in conjunction with Riley. I want a training schedule on my desk in 4 hours." He looked at the Lieutenants. "Dismissed!" He was curt and to the point.

Seeing the two Lieutenants km leave. He turned to Ensign Childers first. "Ensign, you are in charge of ship security, today I walked onto the bridge and the armoury in civilian clothing. I want a detailed plan on how you are going to make sure that doesn't happen again. You have till the end of the day, otherwise I would like a transfer request, dismissed!" Michael then turned to the other Ensign.

"Ensign, I see we have four shift duty roster. I want that returned to three rotation starting tomorrow. I want your proposal by the end of the day. Now be a good lad and get out of my office." He sat back and poured a glass of the green whiskey for him and the senior chief. By now the senior chief was chuckling.

"Been a while, Jack." Michael said getting up from behind his desk and handing the senior chief a glass.

"Aye, Chief, it has, 20 years I reckon. When you were my senior chief, I thought you would have retired by now. Most of us did because of the Dominion war." He took the glass and just sniffed it and put it back on the desk. "Stopped drinking ages ago, Michael."

"Good for you, how are the kids and the wife?" Michael took the glass and dumped the contents in his own glass.

"Wife is still nagging me to retire, oldest just finished the academy assigned as a science officer on the Potemkin. Youngest joining academy next year." He smiled.

"Well my advice as your department head is take the retirement. Because I've seen your medical records, psych eval and you're done. So either you hand in your paperwork today or I'm handing you off to the XO. " Michael looked at the man and then sniffed at his drink.

"Hey, I do my job. Everything is in working order." Munro sputtered.

" I just assigned 75% of your job to two Lieutenants and two Ensigns. What is odd is that one was already doing part of your job. Doing your job as a senior enlisted man is doing everything better, faster than the officers. We fix problems they don't know exist. I probably got assigned here, because even the Captain noticed gaps in this department. One does not assigna 60 year old warrant officer to what is normally a slot for a junior officer." Michael took a sip of his drink.

" I understand, but I think I could do better." Munro protested.

" And I think you gave up years ago. You had 30 years in the fleet, your stuck at your current rank. They won't accept you as warrant officer and with your current record they won't promote you. Barely passing physical grades, substandard paperwork, thank God god for Chief Ruvas who has been picking up your slack. I see two options either transfer to another posting or retire. And retirement seems to me the best option. Go enjoy time with your wife spend time with your youngest." Michael leaned on his desk.

"Fleet is all I know. I want the transfer." Munro huffed.

" Wife and kids still live on New Berlin, right?" Michael said as he grabbed a padd from his desk.

" Yes, she chief environmental engineer there, but currently assigned to several system as an expert." He said raising an eyebrow.

" Effective as of tomorrow you can head back home. Federation Security needs a Starfleet MP. You've just volunteered. " he handed the padd to Munro. " Now get your stuff and get off my ship. And say hi to the wife and kids." Michael picked up his drink and finished it as Munro walked out of his office.

Warrant Officer Michael Joustra
Chief Security Officer, USS Mercutio


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