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New ship, new physical

Posted on Mon Feb 15th, 2021 @ 3:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick & Warrant Officer Michael Joustra

Mission: Side Stories
Location: Sick bay

Michael entered the sickbay, still in civilian clothing and carrying his bag. Seen one of these places seen them all. He looked around and dropped his bag on the floor hoping to get the attention of one of the doctor or nurse on call.

Caressa was sitting in her office, mulling over staffing reports. She turned with a jerk when she heard something drop onto the floor. She got up out of her chair and walked into the main sickbay. She saw a mature gentleman, who just dropped his bag. "Can I be of assistance?" If she sounded a bit annoyed she was.

"New chief of security, need to check in with a doctor to get the all clear. Warrant officer Michael Joustra, ma'am." he said getting his padded and holding it out for her. " I think Starfleet has an extensive report on my well being for the last 40 years, but I'm game if you want to do the whole prim and proper spiel, ma'am." He looked at her and sported an all knowing grin.

"Ah, Mr. Joustra. Actually I have already reviewed your extensive record. I do not believe in wasting time. Your medical review before leaving your past post is good enough for me." Looking over the padd he handed her. "The name is Caressa, or Lt. Commander Melanick if you like being all prim and proper" She smirked right back at him as she was making notes in her padd.

" Michael, Chief or Mister, good to be aboard, ma'am. Last review is on the padd, just need some ointment for the hip and 1 year check up on the liver next month. And good to know I don't have to torture this ship's medical staff, doc. Hate to start security drills, phaser practice and fitness reviews 26/7" He chuckled.

"Well, Michael. I can hold my own very well, so bring it on. I love away missions and my staff is very well trained." She walked over to the replicator. "Computer Analgesic Cream number 551" The metal container appeared. She picked it up and gave it at toss to Michael. "Let me know how that works, its a special concoction of mine. I will send a reminder to you about your yearly liver check up. Is there anything else I can do for you today? Oh and my sickbay and door are always open if you need anything." She said as she pushed her hair behind her left ear.

" Away missions..... those are the ones I tend to get shot at, not a fan of those, ma'am. But while I am here I could get a lay of the land so to speak. Met the command staff, but doesn't tell me much of the crew, past last evaluation. What am I working with here from your perspective, ma'am, especially the chief tactical officer." Michael caught the container and put it in his bag.

She smiled. " I am sure that you will do fine. We are different, as a group we have been through a lot." She didn't mention that she was previously married to the Captain. She was sure that he would get all the gossip at some point. " The 5 and dime is a great place to start after you get settled in and meet everyone. Tell the Bartender to get my bottle out from behind the bar. Its the real stuff" She winked at him. Again just let me know if you need anything."

" Good to know old traditions don't change. Every ship in the fleet seems to be run by closet alcoholics." He laughed. " Oh, I'll need the security staff medical evaluations. Need to know who has a pass for hard work or if I got the ships hypochondriac in my staff. Also need to see the chief counsellor I imagine, had a few PTSD cases on my last ship, former drill instructor, so like to know how far I can push them. " he wondered if there was something hiding under the smile,40 years in the fleet and security had taught him that most people hide embarrassing things.

"I will get those to you pronto. Millie is the ships counselor. Her office is down the corridor. She takes a bit of getting used too, but she is a wealth of information" She was documenting on her padd and looked up and smiled at him. "Anything else?"

"Counsellor better sober or drunk to handle? Because I might just head straight for ten forward. Just need to find a crewman to terrorize to store my bag. Get something to eat. Two weeks of travel just to get here and last ship only had combat rations and trust me I hate combat rations. Otherwise I'm fine, I probably need something later on which I forgot to ask, but heck, I'm 60 years old I'm allowed to forget things" he smiled.

"Depends on the Counsellor and you, sober might be better." She giggled at the thought. "I personally would head to The 5 and Dime. Especially if you checked in with Henry well uh I mean the Captain." She shook her head. "Anyway, Welcome aboard. I think you will fit right in!"

" I will try to remain sober. And thank you for the welcome, most will probably hate me after a few months and sorry in advance for the bruised and tattered security staff." He turn around and as he left sickbay handed his bag to a crewman who got an earful and sheepishly left with the chief of security's bag to his quarters. He turned around gave the CMO a wink and put his hands in his pockets and headed for The 5 and Dime. As he walked towards the turbolift he started to whistle 'a minstrel's boy' ,he had picked that tune up on the Cardassian front 30 years ago.

"Bruised and tattered? You obviously do not know the Captain very well? She laughed to herself as she caught the wink and watched and the grumpy man leave with the young crewman. She made note to herself to watch the injury reports. She shook her head. "Only on the Merc." She didn't meant too, but she spoke it out loud. She plopped into her new office chair, looking over the growing pile of padds on her desk.

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Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick
Chief Medical Officer, USS Mercutio

Warrant Officer Michael Joustra
Chief of Security, USS Mercutio


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