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An Unpaid Debt

Posted on Tue Apr 10th, 2018 @ 7:07am by Patricia Crow

Banks looked out of the view port at the blue marble just beyond. She never thought she'd see it, or any other familiar world again. She couldn't thank the man responsible. She'd skipped the funeral, telling Chance she didn't think it was any place for a child and she'd keep Keiran while he went. The truth is she felt shame. She'd always given Hartsfield a hard time. She thought he was weird and too smart for his own good. She distrusted that in most people. She'd never felt she herself was anything close to an intellectual. She'd long since traded book smarts for street smarts. She had a PhD in that.

But she never expected the experiment to work. In fact she'd thought it would fail. And then she would deride his theories with another quick tongued jab. But it'd worked. And he wasn't even here for her to say she was wrong. Because he'd given his all to send them home. And now what?

She looked back at Keiran who was lost in an educational program on his PADD. He'd be much smarter than her, which wasn't hard but she would make sure he didn't waste his opportunities. She owed that to the man she couldn't thank.


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