Chief Tactical Officer’s Personal Log

Posted on Sun Mar 11th, 2018 @ 8:19am by Commander Brielle Jayde

The information Hartsfield brought to us is..interesting. The science side of me can’t help but wonder how it will work, if it will work. There is too much testing still to do to know one way or another. The tactical side of me, okay, there is nothing. There isn’t anything tactical about any of this unless we for whatever reason end up attacked.

But the wife of an engineer side of me? That side is upset, upset that this wasn’t seen as anything that would be a good option, or anything worth pursuing. It took Hartsfield bringing it to the command staff for it to be listened to. I’ll be having a talk with Razot about this later I think.

Nonetheless, If we can get the successful tests above 85 to 90%, I’m thinking it might end up being the next course of action we have out here. Not that I can be of much help right now.

I feel like I’m on daily appointments in sickbay, but they are weekly. Everything sort of blends together, not knowing when the baby will be due. I’m surprised they haven’t decided to induce honestly. Ossan was early, but there were other reasons for that, ones that I still think about sometimes. There are still nightmares that filter into my brain. Guess that sort of thing happens with all that I’ve been through, right?

But everything is ready for the baby, and we’ve still decided to be surprised on whether it will be a girl or boy. Ossan has been asking, almost daily, about the baby. I’m just hoping that he’ll be an amazing big brother. Razot has said I can be in charge of picking a name, though I obviously run things by him to see if he likes them.

Back to Hartsfield’s information though...I might have to dig around in the science side and see if there is anything I can do.




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By Commander Edra Crow on Tue Mar 13th, 2018 @ 6:21pm