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Oh Joy

Posted on Mon Jul 8th, 2019 @ 6:51pm by Commander Caressa Melanick

Stepping into her quarters she unzipped the uniform top and threw it over the chair. " Computer play last correspondence" She sat in her computer chair.

Two bright shining faces appeared on screen. Gavin and Galena, one redhead and one brown just like mom and dad. " Mom Galena is a pain. You could see two hands come upon his shoulders. " Its not true I swear ! as she threw her brother out of the way and her face came into focus. It was as red as her hair. She then saw her Uncle Mikos come onto the screen.

"My child, I hope that this finds you well. The children are fine, but I am afraid that they really need there mother. I understand the reason that you do not want to place them into danger, but they would do well to be with you. I think they are safe from the threat of the people that were after your former husband. It would also do them well to spend time with them also, as well as there half siblings. They are doing well in school and Galena has become a tomboy as you might put it. She is excelling in all sports and has a knack for higher math, statistics and calculus. Gavin is doing just as well, but his sister has a tendency to run over him. I wish that you would give consideration to exploring the possibility of bringing them on board.

She could see them in the background, obviously excited. Her uncle moved out of the way. " We love you mom!

With that the screen went blank and she went to her room changed into jammies and headed to the comfy chair.


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