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Medical Welcome

Posted on Wed Mar 13th, 2019 @ 2:18pm by Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick & Lieutenant JG Ethan Cross

Mission: The End of the Beginning


Doors whooshed open, and Ethan took one step in. The door remaining open as he took a look around the sickbay familiarizing himself with environment. He didn't see anyone right away so he took a couple of more steps. The doors closed behind him and he called out. "Hello...?" He was there to check in with the Chief Medical Officer, a part of the in processing or checking into the check process that he didn't always enjoy.

Caressa looked up from her desk as she heard the familiar whoosh of the door to sickbay being activated. She went to check on whoever was checking in. She gave her staff off for the afternoon. They had been flooded with the recent new crew assignments. She walked around the corner, " May I help you? " smiling at the new crew member.

His attention snapped to the direction of the voice. Noticing her smiling face he smiled in return as he answered. "I just arrived, and was hoping to check in with Medical."

His attention snapped to the direction of her voice. As he turned to face her he first noticed her smiling face, he smiled in return. The next instinct was to look at the rank, and seeing that she was a Lt. Commander he assumed that she must be the Chief Medical Officer. "I sure hope so." He stepped in closer to her. "I just arrived...I was hoping to check in."

"Not a problem, just have a seat up here!" She patted the bio-bed that was closet to her. She opened a drawer and took out a tricorder and flipped it open with finesse. " I am Dr. Caressa Melanick CMO, and you are?"

Moving over to the bio-bed he took a seat. "Pleasure to meet you." He said with a friendly smile. "I am Ethan Cross, the new Chief Helm Officer." He introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you Lt. All of your records have been transferred, and all in order. This is just a simple verification of information." She started to scan him. " So are you excited to be on the Merc? "

"That's good to know." He chuckled at the idea of having to do a full medical physical. It was never fun. Always kind of felt slightly violated by the whole process. "Yeah...I actually am." He looked over at her. "How long have you been aboard?"

"A very long time, part of the original crew. We are a different lot. I am sure you will enjoy it here. There will be no violation here! Well, Lt it looks like you are ship shape and ready to take the helm. Just try to keep the ride smooth." She grinned at him.

Ethan looked at doctor with a puzzle look on his face. That seemed very quick, rather painless and effortless. "That's it?" He asked.

Yes, that's it. I find it unproductive to poke and prod when its not really needed. Your exam upon leaving your last post was complete, I have updated the required information, so yes that is it! Snapping the tricorder closed.

He smiled widely. "Well, let's hope everything else goes like this." He stated getting off the bio bed. "I have to go speak with the counselor next. Not one of my favorite activities."

"Have fun with that. I avoid it at costs. If you need anything Lt. just let me know." smirking as she said it.

Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick
Chief Medical Officer, USS Mercutio

Lieutenant JG Ethan Cross
Chief Helm Officer, USS Mercutio


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