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Not Again

Posted on Mon Feb 18th, 2019 @ 12:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick & Captain Henry Crow & Lieutenant Dived Dumet

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Sick bay
Timeline: Shore Leave

The shimmer decreased and Caressa along with Dived appeared in sick bay. She motioned to the nearest ensigns to place Dived on the trauma bio-bed. "Lets get him up here" . She was surprised to see anyone in sickbay, but her staff was a dedicated lot. Unfortunately she was still in her bikini, " Lets get him stable. He took a header off a rock ledge into the lake." She was scanning at the same time her ensigns were also working on stabilizing him. She looked to Ensign Wright, " Would you please contact the Captain to let him know what is happening?"

Henry was just a deck below when he received word and walked into sickbay a few minutes later. "How's he doi...." he stopped. "Did we change the standard uniform, Doctor?"

She glared at Henry. " No, we were swimming in the lake at the time of his accident, I haven't had time to change. I will be right back.' She handed over the tricorder to Ensign Wright. " He is stable for now" Her voice trailing as she sent to her office.

Dived wearily opened his eyes and was rewarded with a light so bright that he was forced to re-close them. A second after his eyes closed, the searing pain in his skull come charging to his attention. What happened to him? "Care? Where am I?

She stepped back into the treatment area, with general outfit on but more coverage. "I am here Dived, what the hell where you thinking? Your in sickbay after taking a header off the rock face." Shaking her head working on him. Her crew worked like the well oiled machine she expected them to be. They all seem to be able to anticipate each others actions. "I think you will live"

Dived gave her a pained and nervous smile. "I was trying to impress you. Did it work?"

"Well she made sure you got fixed up. That's a start." Henry patted Dived's shoulder. "Let's not make it a habit though."

The Cardassian stiffened when he heard the voice of his commanding officer, only for his head to hurt more. "I do not intend to sir."

"Impress me, hardly." Caressa shook her head. She could never understand the male gender and the need to impress with stupid stunts. " You will be fine. Rest for the rest of the day Lt. I will check on you later." Was she annoyed, just a bit, he was trying to fit in however. She then smirked at bit. " no more rock driving for you.

Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick
Chief Medical Officer, USS Mercutio

Lieutenant Dived Dumet
Chief Engineer, USS Mercutio

Captain Henry Crow
Commanding Officer, USS Mercutio


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