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Snowy Sunrise

Posted on Sun Feb 17th, 2019 @ 6:29pm by Commander Vox Templar & Lieutenant Commander Brielle Jayde

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Vox's Log Cabin, Pacific Northwest, Earth
Timeline: Shore Leave Day 21, early morning

[Morning after the ballet.]

Brielle stood looking out a window at the horizon as the sun started to rise. She'd found a blanket and wrapped it around herself, letting Vox stay asleep. She had no idea what had brought on any of what had happened the previous night, not that she wanted to question it at all.

She did feel bad for leaving the ballet early, but she wouldn't have had her full attention on it had they made it back in. There was just something about Vox that had her transfixed. She knew he had a history, had heard about it, but even that didn't matter.

She had checked in with her parents to make sure her kids were okay before having fallen asleep, obviously not letting them see where she was. The kids were spending the week there, as it wasn't often they got to see their grandchildren.

Pulling the blanket tighter around her, she continue to watch the sunrise, hoping when she got out of the bed she didn't wake Vox up.

Vox slept deeper than he normally did on the Mercutio. Perhaps it was due to being completely content in the moment and where he was. His arm slowly swept across the bed and didn't find the warm curves he assumed would be found. He slowly opened one eye and lifted his head off the pillow to look for himself that he was alone in the plush bed.

He let out a long breath as he began to move his body, sliding out of bed and putting on drawstring pants before walking out of the bedroom. He walked down the hallway and faintly heard Brie talking on the subspace channel to what sounded like her kids. He walked further down to the kitchen and started the coffee brewer and gazed out the window at the snowy forest scene the cabin was privy to.

Cutting the channel, Brie could smell coffee. She had no idea where the kitchen was, but followed the smell. Only one person could be making the coffee, and that would be Vox. Finally spotting him looking out at the snow, she smiled. "Sorry I woke you up," she said softly as she walked over to him, kissing his cheek gently.

Vox smiled at her affection, closing his eyes and enjoying the moment. "Don't be sorry. I think we slept in plenty, after..." He let the sentence drift off as the coffee finished. He opened a cupboard and pulled out two mugs. "How do you take it?" He glanced back into her eyes.

Following, Brie leaned against the counter, "Um, little bit of sugar and cream if you have it. Milk is okay if not." She didn't even seem to care that all she was wearing was the blanket she had found. "It's still only sunrise, so we couldn't have slept that late."

He blinked and darted his head toward the eastward window in the kitchen. "I'll be..." He shook his head. "I guess time has no meaning with you near me." He pulled liquid creamer out and sugar. Just a short time ago, this didn't even register inside his mind as a possibility. And now... Funny how life works, he thought.

Feeling her face flush at what he said, she let him finish pulling out the cream and sugar and watched the snow a bit. "Maybe we got in earlier than we realized?" She was still letting his words roll around in her head, not even quite sure what to think. But here was more comfortable than she had been in months.

"Probably so. After all..." He made her coffee and handed her the mug of steamy, earthy liquid. "... we skipped the second half." He smirked to himself as he turned to make his own coffee.

Taking the coffee, Brie took a sip and kept hold of the blanket with the other hand. Her eyes lingered back over to him, but her face was still bright red. "We might owe Millie an apology for that once we get back on the ship." She shifted over a few steps and smiled softly, laying her head gently against his shoulder as he made his coffee.

He furrowed his brow in mock confusion. "I'm sure she will understand that you tripped over your dress and got a bloody elbow from it. I merely took you to get some help and by that time, we missed too much." He smiled and took a sip of the hot brew.

Brie giggled, "That will work," she said and took a sip of her coffee before looking over to catch his eye again. Setting down the mug, she slowly ran a hand through his hair.

Vox slowly set his mug down as he looked at her affectionately, wrapping his arms around her and placing his forehead on hers. "I'm an idea man..."

"Mmm, you really are," she said as she searched his eyes. She would have wrapped her arms around him, but one was still holding the blanket she was using as clothing. The other hand, however, still ran through his hair. "What's got me so transfixed by you, Vox?" The question was asked but there was no time allowed for him to answer it as her lips slowly met his.

"I'm not quite..." His words quietly drifted away as his lips were met by hers. A low moan was the only sound that could escape as he pulled her into him. Honestly, he didn't know the answer. It had happened so fast, yet it felt so right. He was still confused by how two colleagues could build such tension and then have it totally overrule any semblance of formality. He gently guided her back into the hallway.

The same sound escaped her own lips, and she only pulled away long enough to catch her breath. She let herself be led away from the kitchen and into the hallway. After a moment she completely forgot about holding onto the blanket and her arms wrapped themselves around him, the blanket somehow still staying on her shoulders, if only barely. Her lips returned to his, a slight tug at his lip with her teeth included.

Reaching the bedroom, he guided them through the doorway and said, "It looks like you need to be looked at again. You might need to stay an entire day for observation. I'm not exactly a medical professional."

"Stay the entire day for observation?" Brie grinned and tugged at his lip again, "Mmm, and I'm a medic... some days. But I will agree with your professional opinion. But what is my treatment," she asked with a mischievous grin.

He pushed her onto the bed and let out a contented sigh as he stood over her and looked her form over. "My professional opinion is that we need to begin by exploring the body systematically to find anything wrong..."

Smirking, she couldn't help but give yet another mischievous grin, watching him. "Well, if that is your professional opinion, I will agree with it," she said as she bit her lip.

Turning onto her side after he laid on his back, she gently laid her head on his chest. "You can... say that again..." Turning her eyes to look at him, she pushed his hair out of his face, but didn't bother trying to straighten it. "I still don't know where all of this came from... but I don't care..."

Vox turned his head to look her in the eyes again. "I don't know either... but it is amazing." He stroked her hair slowly, tracing the contours of her upper back with his fingertips. "You're right, though. This seemed to spark out of nowhere..."

A slight shiver went down her spine as he traced along her back. "There must be a reason it did," Brie whispered, as she ran a finger along his chest. "But amazing is an understatement."

He pulled the comforter over them as the temperature in the room started to cool down. He kept her close against him and shook his head. "You said it..." He thought about the time they spent working together and never gave this a first thought. "Maybe we have both been searching for a connection that we both lacked."

Thankful for the comforter he pulled up around them, she listened to him as she kept her head against his chest. What he said made sense. "Maybe we have been. Takes a spark to realize something is lacking, just the spark took hold a lot faster than I would have ever thought." She let her finger trace where her nails had dug in earlier. "Sorry about that," she whispered.

He grinned and chuckled softly. "It's alright. At least I know that I was doing something right." He kissed the top of her head just then, taking in the scent of her shampoo. "It really did take hold fast, didn't it? Until recently, I don't recall if we even shared a meal together, or had more than a few words off duty."

"Mmm, other than that night in the lounge where I was trying to lose myself in the stars. Debating what I wanted to do next, I think you're right." She shifted on his chest so she could look up at him easier. "The whole thing went down the next night after that. That talk really helped by the way, because I don't think I would have had the courage to do what I did."

He rubbed her back lazily as he nodded. "I'm just glad you figured things out so you could be happy. I just had no idea that it would lead to... this." He stroked the hair out of her face. "I didn't know that I was searching, either."

Brie leaned up and kissed his cheek gently, "Complaining, are you," she asked with a small grin. "I am too. I didn't realize where my mind really was until I wasn't scared about arguments every night. But it ending up at this?" She laid a hand gently against his cheek. "Neither did I."

He searched her eyes for meaning as he nodded. "Well, this probably changes the ship environment a little, doesn't it?" He tried not to smirk about the entire thing but it was wonderful and exciting. Where would it lead?

"We'll figure it out," she said quietly as she too searched his eyes, running her hand through his hair again. "What're you thinking about, Vox?"

He let a genuine smile spread faintly across his lips as his eyes marveled at how beautiful she was. "Just how amazing you are. How amazing we are... together. I haven't felt this way in a long time."

A genuine smile crossed her lips as well as she listened to him. Her heart lept up into her throat and her face flushed. “I’m not that amazing, Vox. But... I haven’t felt like this in... I don’t even know how long.” She let her eyes linger on his, getting completely lost in them.

He rolled his eyes and shook his head. "You're ridiculous, Brie. You're more amazing that you realize. You're too hard on yourself." He slipped his fingers through her hair.

“You’re the first person to tell me that in a long time, Vox. Guess... I’m just not used to hearing it, or feeling like it.” She shifted up so she could gently kiss him. “Do you really mean it?”

Vox returned her kiss with a few slow ones of his own, softly muttering how wonderful she tasted. "I really do mean it. You deserve to hear it all the time." He let out a contented sigh and stroked her hair again. It was a habit he couldn't resist doing.

The fingers through her hair made her relax even more as she returned the kisses he was giving to her. Her hand ran back up through his hair again. “Thank you,” she whispered as she kissed down along his jaw line.

"Always," he whispered in reply as he closed his eyes, losing himself to the sensations from her kisses. He pulled her closer to him, running his hands down her bare back.

Noticing his reaction to the kisses she was providing, she continued, placing a few nibbles here and there. She made her way up to his ear, “Why are you so sweet to me, Vox,” she asked in a whisper and continued with what she was doing.

He breathed heavily out of his nose as she continued with little kisses, his fingertips massaging her back lightly as he replied. "This is what you deserve, Brie. It's also who I really am, underneath the public facade."

Pulling back from his ear, she looked into his eyes. "Really? I've never thought I deserved a whole lot... always thought of everyone else over me. But," she placed a gentle kiss on his lips, "you should keep this side around more often, Vox." She pushed some of his hair back before leaning in and placing another kiss.

He let out a soft, contented moan as he kissed her back. "I'll... definitely keep that in mind..." He suddenly thought of how amusing it would be to act as they had been, while around the other officers. "I haven't had a reason to be like this in a long time. I just pushed it down and let the professionalism take over."

"Well, you shouldn't. Can't be all professional all the time," she gently ran a finger along his cheek, "takes away from the fun. And besides, makes others think you're stuffy." She teased and kissed him gently again. "But you aren't, I promise."

He chuckled and kissed her back before kissing her cheeks several times. "I'm glad I'm just stuffy enough on the bridge." He slipped his hands down her lower back as he looked into her eyes again. "And I do like fun, especially the fun we have..."

She couldn't help but let out a small giggle as she felt his hands moving. She let her eyes meet his. "Mmm, the fun we have here is an amazing type of fun," she nuzzled into his neck while still giggling.

He smirked as he closed his eyes, enjoying this wonderful moment between them, in this cabin, high in the forests of Earth. He hoped that they would be able to make it back again before too long. The longer he was away from home, the more numb he became to it.

Commander Vox Templar
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Mercutio

Lieutenant Commander Brielle Jayde
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Mercutio


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