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A Brief Word

Posted on Sun Feb 17th, 2019 @ 6:27pm by Commander Vox Templar & Lieutenant Commander Brielle Jayde

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Bolshoi Ballet, Moscow, Russia, Earth
Timeline: During and After "Night at the Ballet"

[After the pre-show mingling while the audience moves to the theater to take their seats for the performance.]

Vox walked along slowly with the rest of the crew and others entering the theater proper to take their seats. As he approached the large double oak doors to the main seating area, he looked over and lightly grasped Brie by the hand and guided her to a secluded side of the foyer.

Slightly surprised by the fact that her hand was grasped while walking to find her seat, Brielle looked at who had taken her hand, eyes going wide as she felt her heart beating a little faster. Getting out of the group of people, she followed. "Vox?"

Swallowing hard, he let go of her hand and fixed his eyes on hers. "I needed to ask you a question..." He leaned in close to her ear, his eyes watching the other guests walking around, oblivious to them against the shadowed wall. "Is your pulse as elevated as mine is?"

"Here I thought it was just me," she whispered in return. Pulling back, she looked into his eyes, practically transfixed by them.

"We could cut the tension with a phaser but not in a bad way..."

Biting her lip, Brie looked away only for a moment before glancing down and taking one of his hands with her's gently. "Wha... what are we going to do about it," she asked, looking back up a moment later.

He started to breathe out his mouth faintly as his fingers intertwined with hers and leaned forward slowly, barely pressing his cheek against hers as he replied, "I can't think of more than one logical path..."

"I can't either," she whispered as she gave his hand a small squeeze. She had no idea where all of this was coming from, and she was still clear headed enough to not blame the drinks she'd been having. She moved just enough to let her forehead press against his, eyes locked before she finally gave in and let her lips gently meet his.

Vox slipped his other arm around the small of her back lightly as he pressed his lips against hers. The kiss was soft and faint, as if a whisper could contain an emotional response. The touch certainly didn't slow down his pulse, which raced even faster as he closed his eyes in the moment.

As if on instinct, Brie's arms moved up and wrapped around Vox's neck. Her eyes too closed as she lost herself in the moment. Something was coming over her, and her mind was not telling her to fight it, but to embrace it.

Vox felt himself losing the room around them as he breathed out in between kisses, his fingers gripping hers tightly as his other hand gently pushed her into him more. Her scent mixing with her perfume created an intoxicating aroma around them.

She could feel her heart racing, but pulled back when she had to catch her breath. Her forehead stayed pressed against his, eyes opening slowly. "Vox..." she finally said in a breathless whisper, one hand running gently through his hair.

Vox opened his eyes and peered into hers as his hand slid from her back up to the base of her skull, cupping it gently as he answered, "Yes...?" He breathed her in deeply as he focused on only her.

"Nothing..." Brie said, moving one hand to sit against his cheek. She let her eyes linger on his another moment before her lips met his again. She was drawn to him, and she couldn't explain it.

When her lips touched his, an electric jolt went through his body and caused his heart to skip a beat. He breathed out of his nose as he held her against him. After a moment, he pulled away and whispered, "We should get to our seats before someone comes looking for us..."

Giving an almost playful pout, she nodded realizing he was right. "Yeah, you're right... They'll notice us gone..."

He looked from her eyes to her lips and kissed her again, letting a soft moan escape his mouth as he proceeded to chew her lower lip before pulling away. He smoothed his hair back into place and let out another sigh before gesturing for her to proceed in front of him.

Wanting the kiss to linger, Brie knew they had to go join the others. The fact that he had nibbled on her lip for a moment before pulling away caught her off guard, but she still let him pull away. She straightened her own hair with a sigh but instead of walking off ahead of him, she shook her head and hooked her arm into his. "Let them think what they want," she whispered and kissed his cheek.

He turned beet red as he pulled her arm tight against his and stepped forward to bring them into the theater proper to find their seats down the aisle, clearing his throat softly.

The ballet hit intermission, and the seats started to empty with everyone getting up to stretch and likely find another drink. Brie had been enjoying the ballet, as she did like that type of thing, but her mind had been wandering. She'd left her fingers intertwined with Vox's, who just happened to end up with the seat next to her, the whole time.

But when intermission hit, her eyes glanced over to him. Her heart was still pounding in her chest each time she looked at him. She didn't care if the others gave her any odd looks, she was focused on one thing.

Vox was similarly engaged by the ballet but his thoughts kept wandering back to Brie. He had not anticipated such a sudden, melting hot passion with her. As the others rose to head back to the lobby or a restroom, he shot a look directly at her before rising out of his seat. Making his way through the crowd, he pulled her by the hand as he entered the hallway and down a few paces before catching sight of a maintenance door.

Not even trying to stop him from taking her off somewhere, she willing followed him, keeping a tight grip on his hand as she did so. Spotting the same door that he did, she knew exactly what was in his mind, as it had hit her own as well. Since he had slowed, she caught up to him, meeting his eyes.

He searched her eyes for the answer to the unspoken question about the uncontrollable need that took both of them. Then he continued, opened the door and pulled her inside. The door slid shut behind them, followed by an audible lock being activated.

Her eyes told him everything, and his did the same to her. As soon as the lock was activated, her lips met his...

"Everyone please return to your seats, the show will resume in five minutes.

Even within the maintenance closet, the announcement could be heard. Brielle pulled her lips back away from Vox's neck, breathing heavily, catching his eyes.

Vox slowly opened his eyes and stared back at hers, the gaze of untold numbers of intimate people throughout time echoing into the present moment as they both heaved for air. He kissed her one more time before slowly letting go of her. He composed himself and put his tuxedo back in order.

Letting her breath catch back up with her, Brie did her best to put her dress back to where it would stay straightened. She gave a smirk as she looked at where his hair had gone and tried her best to make it look decent again, though it mostly failed. She had no idea what her own hair looked like as she strapped her heels back on, glancing over to him.

A wicked smirk crossed his lips as he tucked his shirt into his slacks before walking back over to her, picking his tuxedo jacket up off the floor and slipping it back on. Letting out a contented sigh, he watched her finish getting put back into place as he ran his fingers through his hair to put it back into place from dropping around his face.

Finishing with her heels, she stood up and giggled a little, straightening his bow tie before giving him another gentle kiss. "They're gonna know something happened," she whispered, still fiddling with his tie.

He couldn't stop from grinning at her as his dark eyes watched her face closely. "Don't be so sure... They're just going back to their seats. It's not like they were here..." He bit his lip at the memory of them together. "We were merely caught up at the bar."

"And had to fight the crowds to get back... getting back after the lights go down." Brie bit her own lip and grinned. "We should get back though..." She let her own eyes search his, "right?"

His pulse started going rapidly upward as he wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear, "Yes... we should." Then he bit her earlobe softly before trailing kisses down her throat.

Her eyes closed slowly, "Vox... later..." she whispered, intertwining her fingers with his, not pulling away.

He squeezed her hands as he worded softly, "You are free to go, if you wish, Brie..." That didn't stop him from losing the control again, continuing to kiss that sensitive spot under her jaw.

"Mmm... maybe we should... skip the rest of the show..." He had to be hitting that spot. Brie tried to regain some clear thoughts. "Go... find somewhere we don't have to ...hide..."

Ever ready for a contingency, Vox let go of her hand and slipped his fingers into the pocket of his slacks, pressing the button on the transponder he always carried with him for emergencies. The transponder was coded to connect to the vast transporter network of Earth, and in this case was programmed to provide a one way transport to his log cabin up in the Pacific Northwest. He reasoned that trying to beam to the ship in an emergency wasn't the wisest choice as that might be a compromised situation so where better than an unexpected location?

As the familiar shimmer and whine of the transporter swirled around them, his kissing intensified as he gripped her tightly with his other arm. Soon, his coat would be falling to the floor once again.

Lieutenant Commander Brielle Jayde
Second Officer, USS Mercutio

Commander Vox Templar
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Mercutio


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