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Reporting for Duty

Posted on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 @ 4:45pm by Lieutenant Paul Carter & Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick

Mission: Side Stories
Location: Sickbay

Caressa was sitting at her desk console going over duty rosters and the details of injuries from the last battle. The good thing was there was nothing major. She had received notification that a new crew member would be coming aboard. She also needed to go over his file prior to his arrival. Putting down the rest of her work and picking up the PADD with his medical records.

Paul had finished his introduction to the captain, and had already taken a rather lengthy tour of engineering, and the various areas of the ship that would be most important for him and his teams to maintain. He'd always liked the Akira class ships, they were sturdy, well built pieces of machinery, and he felt confident that he'd be able to keep this one flying for some time to come.

There was one last thing he had to do, however, before he could head to his quarters and crash for the day. It probably wasn't the best idea he'd ever had to go through a physical after staying up for the past thirty six hours, but it was what it was. He was here now, and ready to get to work, after a good night's sleep anyway.

Walking through the doors to sickbay he spotted the CMO, recognizing her from the picture attached to her file. He'd read up on all of the senior staff, wanting to be able to at least somewhat slip into an already established group with some semblance of ease. Approaching her desk he cleared his throat.

"Doctor Melanick?", he asked, as he cane to a halt. Once she looked up he continued.

"I'm sorry to barge in like this, but you are my last stop of the day. I'm Lieutenant Paul Carter, I've just arrived, and I need to get my boarding physical done.", he said, to explain his presence in her office. "I'm the new chief engineer.", he added.

"This I know Lieutenant. Welcome aboard. Its fine to call me Caressa, but just keep it professional when we need too." and she flashed a smile. She directed him to the nearest chair in front of her desk. She eyed his clean cut look, he had a melt your heart gaze. " So I have received your file from Star Fleet its very impressive. Looks like you need some sleep however." ::looking back to the PADD in her hands.

"In the absolute worst way.", Paul replied with a nod. "I've been up, and on the go for thirty six hours.", he added.

"Well lets make this quick shall we, and if you need something for sleep just let me know." She rose from her desk motioned him to the exam room to the nearest biobed.

Paul followed with a nod. Glad she was willing to do a quick exam. His last CMO had been a Vulcan who insisted on doing everything by the book, nip matter how long it took.

"Just hop up here" Smiling and patting the top of the bed

Doing as instructed Paul jumped the short distance up to sit on the biobed. "Ready whenever you are, doc.", he said.

"This is going to be a quick but complete exam. Your last post your initial work up was very complete, and your transitional exam even more so, in fact it is almost overkill" She shook her head and picked up the tricorder off the tray sitting next to the bed. The tricorder lit up and she started to scan the Lt. " So Lt. do you have any hobbies that you like to participate in?" her best bedside manner ensued.

Paul watched as the woman worked, and then nodded at her question, "Usually, when I'm not on duty, I can be found either working on engineering projects of my own, playing baseball in the holodeck, or working out. I've never been one of those people who can be comfortable just lounging around.", he replied. "What about yourself?", he asked.

She perked up. Normally people just drone on and answer her questions. She typically did not get asked questions back. She smiled." Well, I like working out on the holodeck, typically combat routines. I don't like the unexpected. I like ten-forward, tequila is my weakness. I enjoy cooking too. Not by replicator" Stepping to his right side to continue scanning.

Noting how much she seemed to enjoy someone taking an interest in her Paul filed the information away for future reference. "If you ever need a partner for those combat routines let me know. I used to help my older brother practice for his wrestling, and MMA tournaments. I found that I actually enjoyed sparring.", he replied. "And my weakness is whiskey, and home cooked meals.", he added with a sly smile.

She turned and a lock of red hair came loose, she pushed it back behind her ear. " I may have to take you up on the combat partner, the pool of available people are low. Its been a long time since I have cooked for anyone." She left that open ended for now. She snapped the tricorder shut with a flare. " Well Lt. you are clear to go hit your quarters, and I do not want to see you out unless its been at least 12 hours! " and before he could get another word out "Yes that is a order before you even say anything!" Smiling

Hopping down off the biobed Paul smiled back, "Yes, ma'am!", he replied, and headed out of sickbay to get some rack time.

Lt. Commander Caressa Melanick
Chief Medical Officer
USS Mercutio

Lieutenant Paul Carter
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Mercutio


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