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Lieutenant Paul Carter

Name Paul James Carter

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 193.04 cm
Weight 89.35 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Paul is a tall, powerfully built man. Raised in a military style household he tends to put special effort into maintaining his health, and his physical fitness. He keeps his hair trimmed short, and wears little facial hair, though he does usually sport at least some. His brown eyes are soft, and expressive, and are often the only way to truly read any emotion on his face. His choice of clothing is rather basic, relying on comfort, function, and durability more than fashion, he is often in a pair of old jeans, some work boots, and a t-shirt, or long sleeve Henley when not on duty.


Father Derrick Carter
Mother Emily Carter
Brother(s) Joseph Carter, Mark Carter
Sister(s) Amanda Carter

Personality & Traits

General Overview Paul is a man who prefers to get straight to the point in any given situation. Not gifted with a diplomatic personality, he tends to just speak his mind, and deal with the consequences as they come. He is a driven man, with goals, and plans to attain those goals, all mapped out and ready for him, as he prefers to leave nothing to chance. He prefers order, and organization, and expects those around him to fall into line with that. When it comes to nonprofessional relationships, be they platonic, or romantic, he is a very honest man, never allowing anyone to get the wrong idea about his intentions. Preferring deep connections over shallow acquaintances it can take him some time to integrate into new surroundings and become a social person.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Honest
+ Trustworthy
+ Intelligent
- Abrupt
- Lacks Diplomacy
- Focuses solely on the big picture
Ambitions Paul’s main driving ambition is to make it into the Corps of Engineers, working on starship design. Ultimately, he would like to have a seat on the group that oversees R&D in that field, working directly on the theoretical aspects of starship design, and manufacture.
Hobbies & Interests Engineering science, drafting and design, mechanical engineering, structural engineering history, physics, warp propulsion systems, and warp theory, and computer science, baseball.

Personal History 2358
Paul James Carter born in Austin, TX, at 0427 hrs, on May 15th, to Derrick and Emily Carter.
Paul is youngest of four children, with two older brothers, Joseph, and Mark, and one older sister, Amanda.

2363 (5yrs old)
Paul starts primary education at Forest Trail Elementary School

2366 (8yrs old)
Paul joins the Minor League of his community Little League, sparking a life-long love of the sport of baseball

2367(9yrs old)
Paul moved officially into the Little Leagues
Attends his first ever professional baseball game

2368(10yrs old)
Moves into 6th grade at Hill Country Middle School
Joins school baseball team

2370(12yrs old)
Takes team to state championship where they win

2372(14yrs old)
Enters freshman year at Austin High School
Added to JV Baseball team roster

2374(16yrs old)
Enters junior year of high school
Leaves baseball team to focus on athletics

2375(17yrs old)
Enters senior year of high school

2376(18yrs old)
Graduates from high school with honors
Enrolls in Starfleet Academy after passing entrance exam, chooses engineering major, with double minor in starship operations and flight control.

2377 (Cadet I)
Enters Starfleet Academy during winter session
Begins introductory officer course work
Begins engineering course work

2378 (Cadet II)
Begins Intermediate engineering course work
Begins introductory ops course work

2379 (Cadet III)
Begins advanced engineering course work
Begins intermediate ops course work
Begins introductory flight control course work

2380 (Cadet IV)
Assigned USS Scott for senior cadet cruise
Continues with on the job training in engineering
Begins advanced ops course work and intermediate flight control course work via distance learning

2381 (Cadet V)
Begins advanced flight control course work and continues on the job training for engineering and ops

Graduates Starfleet Academy with rank of Ensign
Assigned to USS Jemison, junior engineer

Increased in rank to Lieutenant J.G. for exemplary service

Assigned to USS Osiris, Engineering officer

Increased in rank to Lieutenant
Assigned USS T’Pau, Assistant Chief Engineer

USS T’Pau returns to Sol system, put in long-term dry-dock at Utopia Planitia for planned upgrades, crew reassigned.

Assigned Chief Engineer, USS Mercutio
Service Record Current Assignment
USS Mercutio
Chief Engineer

Starfleet Academy (Cadet I-III)
USS Scott (Cadet IV-V)

Officer Assignments
USS Jemison
Junior Engineer
Promoted to Lt. J.G.
USS Osiris
Engineering Officer
Promoted to Lieutenant
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Mercutio
Chief Engineer