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Defend Yourself

Posted on Fri Jan 11th, 2019 @ 11:25pm by Lieutenant JG Aemilia "Millie" Stepanova & Lieutenant Edruj Daughter of Thrawn

Mission: Side Stories
Location: USS Mercutio Gym
Timeline: TBD

Edruj decided that it might be best get some practice in on the mats. She may be a scientist, but she had the spirit of a warrior. When she arrived she found the place empty except for the ship's counselor. Edruj set herself up on one of the mats and started running her katas.

Millie was pleasantly surprised to see another crew member so early in the morning. It was somewhat unusual, as she typically had little to no contact with anyone else in the gym at this hour. She finished lacing up her Pointe shoes, and extended herself into a long stretch on one of the mats.

The exercise that the Counselor was doing perplexed the Klingon woman. It seemed that it was more for aesthetic than for combat. That was something that was foreign to a Klingon. "Counselor if you do not mind me asking. What are you doing?" Edruj spoke as she finished the first kata of the Mok Bara.

Millie smiled as she stretched to the other side. "Are you familiar with ballet, Lieutenant?" She gave the Klingon a smile.

"No on Q'Onos there is no dance. The closest thing we come to dance is swordplay." Edruj replied as she entered into the third stance.

Millie smiled. "Ballet has sword dances as well, though I think they are more for show than as a form of defense." Having stretched on the floor, she stood, coming up onto one foot en pointe, balanced, and smiled.

Edruj watched the woman stretch, she certainly seemed limber enough. "Well then perhaps you would like to learn a little of the Klingon martial arts. It never hurts to know how to defend yourself, combat could be around any given corner."

Millie smiled. "I've gotten that same speech from Ms. Banks. There...seems to be concern that the Counselor may not be able to defend herself should things not go according to plan."

"Oh I am sure that you can defend yourself. The question is can you defend against a warrior." Edruj replied curtly. She then squared herself on the mat and entered into the Mok Bara attack stance. "Defend Yourself!" she shouted, and gave the good counselor but a moment to ready herself before she attacked.

Millie had just a second to get both feet on the ground before Edruj lunged at her. She pushed off (as best as she could in pointe shoes) and tucked into a roll, dodging out of the way. She came back up, slightly to the right.

Edruj realized that her initial lunge missed, but that was the intention. The Mok Bara was a game of misdirection. When Millie rose to her feet Edruj was mid sommersault. Rather then come out of it and rise to her feet, the Klingon swept her leg out of the roll. In doing so she managed to take out the legs of her opponent. Then the Klingon got to her feet and entered the vIpoSmoHmeH posture. This allowed the Klingon to be both ready to attack and defend. "Hembogh DujDaj mI' wej ghotvam'e'. yIHub'egh!" (This is combat not dance. Defend Yourself!) she spoke as she goaded Millie on.

Millie quickly untied her pointe shoes, kicking them off. She pushed herself back to her feet in a defensive position. It appeared that her training from Banks was going to be put into practical use.

Edruj began to circle around on the mat as she surveyed her opponent. She dared not attack at least not yet. The idea here was to see if Millie would attack; the Mok Bara was similar to Akido in this. It was always best to defend then to attack.

Millie took a deep breath, circling the mat opposite of Edruj. It certainly wasn't how she'd anticipated spending her morning, but her Klingon opponent hadn't exactly their introductory session upon her return to the Mercutio. So, if this was a way to get her to open up the lines of communication more...

Millie struck out with a quick left jab, followed quickly by a right-footed kick to Edruj's hip.

One did not have to be a fighter to see the jab coming, it was that obvious. So for the Klingon woman it was just that easy to dodge. However, what Edruj did not see coming was the kick to the hip. The kick struck with enough force that it caused Edruj to take a stumble back. In short order she regrouped herself and stepped in for an attack. She jabbed with the left and then the right quickly. Both jabs easily blocked, but that was the intention.

Edruj feinted with the left and reached in with the right. She grabbed Mille's shoulder and swept one leg out from under the woman. This allowed the Klingon to use her own momentum to cause Millie to fall to the flat of her back.

Millie gave a grunt as the wind was knocked out of her lungs. Her drop to the floor was by no means with her usual ballerina grace, but she wasn't going to let Edruj get a second blow in. She quickly rolled out of arm's reach of the Klingon, and back to her feet.

"yIHub'egh" (Defend Yourself) Edruj growled as she circled her opponent. The Klingon woman judged Millie to be quick but not efficient. She must learn to use momentum and body to take victory.

Millie circled the mat for a moment, and decided not to wait. She struck quickly, a combination of 4 blows.

Edruj took the blows, and they struck hard and struck true. The only visible sign that the Klingon gave to that end was taking a few steps back to regroup. "You attack and attack well. However, you need to defend." Edruj took a step forward and feigned a stumble. She dropped to one knee and allowed her opponent to think that she was injured. When Millie took a step toward the Klingon, Edruj rose and dug her shoulder into the the other woman's waist. This allowed the Klingon to use the other's momentum to flip her over. "Always be ready to defend. Help with one hand but be ready with the other."

Millie tumbled to the mat, rolling before landing on her stomach. She took a moment, the breath knocked out of her. "Show me what I need to do," she said, catching her breath and coming up to her knees.

"What is needed cannot be shown it comes from within and you have started just now." Edruj extended a hand and helped Millie to her feet as she spoke. "Sometimes defending yourself cannot be done with fists, or feet, or blade. It must be done with words. You must realize when things are unfair."

There was a hint of a smirk on the edge of Millie's lips. "Have you seen how small I am? Very rarely is it a fair fight."

"On Q'onos there is a creature known as a DaH Hegh ghaH, it is very close to a mouse on Earth. This creature is about one eighth the size of a Targ. Yet when the two meet in the wild it is the DaH Hegh ghaH that wins. That proves that size matters not in any fight. If my people have learned anything over the years of alliance with the Federation it is that brains not brawn win battles." Edruj replied as she began to wipe some sweat with her towel.

Millie likewise grabbed her towel. "Could you teach me? It might be...nice to give Banks a bit of surprise when she trains me next."

"Of course." Edruj smiled as she spoke. "It is a high honor to assist someone on the path of the warrior." She was happy to help, however, in truth she was a bit confused. It bemused her how someone could get through life without knowing how to evaluate, defend, and attack.

Millie smiled, tossing her towel over by her pointe shoes. "I appreciate the help."


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