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The law

Posted on Mon May 31st, 2021 @ 4:24pm by Captain Henry Crow & Warrant Officer Michael Joustra

Mission: Shore Leave

Henry motioned for Joustra to follow him to the Ready Room when the Warrant Officer had asked for some time. Crossing over to his desk he say and gave the man his full attention.

Joustra entered the ready room. Instead of taking a seat he stood at attention. His expression was stoic to say the least, straight as a ramrod. It was an act he perfected over the years.

"Well, sir, I don't make the laws, sir. Reckless disregard for Starfleet protocol concerning scientific experiments, no proper paperwork or overview of her expirement. Now that is a slap on the wrist and note on her record, sir." Joustra took a deep breath.

"Yet it went on, sir. Destruction of starfleet property, endangering the ship and it's crew, sir. I'm sorry, sir, but I nor any other sane person would let her avoid
her day in court ,sir. JAG will be howling for her blood,sir. Starfleet Command wil send the Inspector General corps and Internal Affairs over,sir." He bit his lip and shook his head

"And having seen what those idiots can do I want a transfer, sir. Besides you got a 2nd officer two steps away from the funny farm and what I've seen 'Peter principle' really in effect with that one,sir." He chuckled.

Henry took it all in. "So noted on all of that and you very well may be correct. We could be in line for a lot of scrutiny to put it lightly but we've been through the fire before and right now I'm inclined to allow Ensign Moro to clean up her own mess if she can. Now about this transfer, I'll be sorry to see you go so soon but if you really want one I'll help anyway I can."

"Of course Moro needs to clean up the mess, sir, but we still need to follow the law, sir. Now normally i would have just taking the ensign for a walk and she would have slipped and bumped into a bulkhead a few times. But you tied my hands,sir, had to follow protocol. So one way or another we have to have her in front of a judge."

"We'll cross that bridge if we get to it."

"Now as for the transfer, put in the paperwork. 2nd officer reminds me of an ex-wife and I'm told old to handle crazy,sir. As for your klingon and gorn thing. Need a pilot, spotter, medic and a science officer. Do you want them alive or dead, sir?" Joustra looked at the captain.

"The mission, as-is, is to avoid conflict and just drop off the device. If we get into conflicts and it's between us and them I vote for us."

"Is this room secured, sir? No listening or recording devices?" Joustra raised an eyebrow and looked around.

Henry nodded. "It's clean."

Joustra removed a small device from his pocket and activated it.

"Now it is. Now, Henry,right? I am Michael Joustra, my real name. And the last fifteen years I clean up the mess. I usually don't do this, but I had to. One word, Captain, Omega, oh and unofficially it's Captain Joustra, son." Joustra took a chair.

"Anything else you want to get off your chest?"

"Yeah, I'm gonna need your chief tactical, chief science officer, a medical officer and your chief intel. The romulan is part borg, he knows the particle, need the chief tactical for an implosion device. Need the science officer to help scan and medical officer for radiation treatment for me,you and vox." He had thought of recruiting vox sooner.

"I don't think anyone knows exactly what it is we're dealing with. The Ensign thinks its a pocket universe, without proof, mind you. If it doesn't grow in about..." he looked to the chronometer on the wall, "six hours then we managed to stabalize it. If that is the case I'm open to most ideas on how to get rid of it."

The silence that followed spoke volumes that neither man was happy with that.

Captain Henry Crow
Commanding Officer, USS Mercutio

Warrant Officer Michael Joustra
Chief Security Officer, USS Mercutio


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