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Coming and Going

Posted on Mon Mar 1st, 2021 @ 3:50pm by Captain Henry Crow

Mission: Knock Knock
Location: Starbase 134

Henry tapped his com, ending the conversation with the engineer. All of the top secret materials they had been delivering were now on Starbase 134 and the cargo bay was back to normal standing. One thing to worry about down....about a hundred to go, he thought as he looked at the stack of PADDs on his desk.

As he picked up the top PADD the lights in his office dimmed and came back to full power. He'd noticed the same thing happening several times over the past week and he knew he wasn't alone. Karina had mentined her classroom lights doing the same thing a few days ago. He tapped his badge again. "Engineering, what is the problem down there?"

A clearly frustrated voice replied. "Captain I wish I knew. We've been trying to isolate this but every eight hours we have a momentary drain on the power systems. I think it might be a coupling but we have a lot of couplings to check. If it's not that we may need to shut the whole system down to find the source."

"Well at least we have something to aim for. Keep me appraised if you find anything."

He tapped the PADD, reading over the new readiness program Security was implementing when a call came in from Starfleet Command. The new Chief was whipping them into shape and not putting up with excuses. It pleased him to see the department....his department run so smoothly again.

He straighted a bit in the chair. "Hello Admiral, nice to talk to you again."

Admiral Calo gave him a smile. "Hell of a job you and your crew did gettting the materials delivered so quickly. You didn't dissappoint."

"Thank you Sir, it was smooth sailing for once." Henry knew to say more was risking the fury of the fates.

"Well I hope it continues. We need you to set course for Starbase 2. You're going to be picking up some new crewmembers and once you're there you'll be briefed on a growing situation."

"Classified like this trip, Sir?"

Calo chuckled. "This is why I always pick you, you know how things go. Maybe it'll blow over by the time you arrive but if I was a betting man I wouldn't assume so."

Henry nodded. "We'll get underway within the hour if that is alright. I'd like to replenish some supplies while we're here."

Calo nodded. "Absolutely, Captain. Do as you need. I'll be in touch soon."

When the Admiral's face vanished from the screen Henry leaned back in his chair. He didn't recall putting in for new crew and it was odd to say the least for an Admiral to be aware of such minute details.

"Well," Henry said to no one in particular, "ours is not to question why..."

He left the end of that unsaid for good reason.

Captain Henry Crow
Commanding Officer, USS Mercutio


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