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The Best Kind of Hugs

Posted on Sat Aug 15th, 2020 @ 10:29pm by Commander Brielle Jayde

Mission: To The Rescue
Location: Brielle's Quarters

Though she knew it was part of the job, Brielle always did hate being away from her children. She was glad for those on board who would watch them, but she knew it wasn't the same for those two.

They'd already been through enough in their young lives, they didn't need more. But, being a department chief and second officer meant that she was one of the busier officers on the ship.

She'd spent her career with the people on this ship, and wouldn't want it any different. However, she'd also gone through two marriages, each ending differently, but she was also the only parent her son and daughter had. Yes, Vox was there as well, but he wasn't their actual parent.

Brie realized she did miss him and would have to see when he could come by.

The planet had been exhausting, even if she had been on security detail.

As she tossed her things onto a chair in the living room, she knew the kids were asleep in their room, and as much as she wanted to check on them, she instead collapsed onto the couch after saying goodnight to the babysitter that had been there all day. Undoing her uniform jacket, suddenly she heard a door open.

"Momma?" The tiny voice was always recognizable, and Brie's eyes turned towards the kids' bedroom door. "You home, momma?"

"Yes, Ossan, I'm home." He came out of the room slowly, holding onto Aysel, who was at this point far too big and didn't seem to like being carried by her brother. "Bubby, put her down, she can get over here."

Letting Aysel down, Ossan ran over and tackled Brie. Aysel started to fuss as she wanted in on the hug. Grinning, Brie scooped up her son and went over to where Aysel was and sat them both down. She then quickly had two children snuggled up with her, both looking very tired but even more glad to have their mother home.

These were the best type of hugs.

Lieutenant Commander Brielle Jayde
Second Officer, USS Mercutio


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