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It's Just Not the Same

Posted on Mon Aug 10th, 2020 @ 4:44pm by Captain Henry Crow

Mission: To The Rescue
Location: Holodeck 2

Henry heaved a block of straw against the barn wall, next to the last. "Now Chance wants to go looking for them. I know his reasoning and I feel for him but I had to send him with armed guards. If I let him go alone and something happened to him Edra would never forgive me."

Moving to the outside he grabbed a half filled bag of chicken feed and scattered it as the birds clucked and scurried for the food. "There's a good chance Caresssa will be called back to brief the smart folks in the white coats why she and her team were able to solve this virus when noone else could. I'm hoping she'll leave the kids here. All the children have really begun bonding which is nice to see."

Henry sighed as he dabbed his forehead with a cloth. "You know, I don't want to sound rude and I do appreciate you being a stand-in for the Counselor but this just isn't working."

The hologram EMH, which always managed to look unimpressed and annoyed stood there with its arms crossed. The new england accent permeated every syllable. "Captain I am programmed in a mutitude of surgical techniques and I have a connection to one of the most powerful computers ever devised but even I can't solve your problems."

Henry nodded. "You better get back to the planet then."

The EMH gave a hint of a smirk. "I never left." He vanished from sight as Henry looked around the ranch. This wasn't the same either.

Captain Henry Crow
Commanding Officer, USS Mercutio


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