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Our Little Secret

Posted on Sun Jun 28th, 2020 @ 9:19am by Ensign Evelyn Moro & Lieutenant JG Chance Crow

Mission: To The Rescue
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Directy after Into the Hot Zone

Evelyn paced outside Chance and Banks' front door. She knew she was right, but she was also extremely anxious. She took a breath and hit the chime. It was now or nothing.

Chance looked up from getting Kieran's stuff together when he heard the chime. He would be part of the Away Team. And with no telling how long they'd be down there, he'd had to find someone to watch the boy. He hadn't been expecting anyone at his door, so he was at a loss as to who it could be. "Enter."

Evelyn entered. "I seem to be making a habit of interrupting you."

He stood, unsure of her mood, so he had no idea if she was bringing news, and what kind. He defaulted, waving off her concern, "Is everything alright?"

"Well I don't know and that's what is bothering me. Millie still hasn't made contact of any kind so I did some digging and I found out where they were going."

He raised a brow, "What kind of digging?"

"Only one person knows where they were going and she's not her to tell, if she even would, so I used my skills as a computer analyst." She watched him in silence. "I hacked your wife." Her password was remarkably simple." She paused, "Please don't tell her I did it...she scares me."

That she hadn't heard from them didn't surprise him. Neither did the absence of someone who knew where they were. What surprised him was that his wife, who specialized in intelligence, had an easily hackable password. Easy enough that someone she'd only known for a short while was able to gain access. However, all that didn't mean the news didn't concern him.

Something else gnawed at him. Evelyn seemed to know more about what was going on than he did. How could Trisha give this woman information and not him? "Do you mean that person is missing, or just not on this ship? And who was it?" Suddenly, he realized she was standing in the doorway still. "I'm sorry," he inserted before she started. "Come in and have a seat."

She entered and sat. "Not on the ship, as in your wife. She's the only one who knew their destination. I don't think Millie did. So since she wasn't available to ask I used several of my own programs to gain access to her files. They could make a dozen holofilms from what I saw in there." Evelyn shook her head a moment before looking at him. "So anyways, I know where they were headed. I figured its a good place to start a search." She offered him a PADD with the star chart.

It shouldn't have relieved him to know that Trisha herself was that one person, but it did. Only for a short moment though. Why would you not tell the person you were bringing with you why you were bringing them? Or better yet, "Why did Millie go if she didn't know where they were going?" The question came out as he took the PADD. The display was full of notes in her handwriting. Some of the information sounded vaguely familiar, but he couldn't quite recall why. The bit that caught his eye was the chance of hostilities. She'd circled 68%, and next to it was a simple question: "Millie?" He didn't know what to make of it, except to punch in the coordinates that were included on the chart. It should at least say where they are, and he could at least go to his father with that.

Evelyn watched him carefully. "I think we need to go looking for them....the entire ship I mean."

He continued to keep his eyes on the PADD, considering her suggestion. He'd thought it would be difficult enough to get the ability to go himself, to say nothing of including the entire crew on this. But the more he thought about it, if she was in a position she couldn't get herself out of, he would be of little help on his own. They would have to all go. "I'll take it to the Captain and see what he says." He was about to point out that he couldn't guarantee the response they wanted, but the look on Evie's face told him she didn't need to hear that now. So he merely nodded. And he hoped it was enough for her.

Lieutenant JG Chance Crow
Medical Officer, USS Mercutio

Ensign Evelyn Moro
Computer Systems Specialist, USS Mercutio


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