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Turbulent Waters

Posted on Fri Feb 7th, 2020 @ 11:51am by Banks & Lieutenant JG Aemilia "Millie" Stepanova & Lieutenant JG Chance Crow

Mission: Side Stories
Location: Counselor's Quarters

Chance stood in the turbolift, waiting for it to open on the desired deck. It was supposed to be fast, so why did it feel like it was taking so long? When the doors finally separated, he about pushed his way through before they were completely open. His feet carried him briskly toward the Counselor's quarters, where he hoped Millie was.

Millie placed the last of her personal items in the small bag. Patricia had said to pack light, so a change of clothes and a couple of PADDs to read on the journey. She’d started a few books while she was remanded to quarters, and she wanted to finish a couple of them during--

The chime rang. “Come in!” she said, turning towards the door.

Chance stepped through when the doors opened fully. "Millie, do you...have a moment?" He paused when he saw her with an open duffle, and he cocked a brow. Tricia was running around getting things together, and now, Millie was packing too?

Mille gave a smile. “Absolutely. I still have a few minutes before I need to leave.” She gestured to the couch, sitting on one end. “What’s on your mind?”

"Where are you going?" he asked, wondering if he could glean any information this way, since Tricia wasn't letting anything out. He hated it when she kept something like this from him.

“Patricia has asked me to accompany her on her away mission.” Millie could see the concern in the creases near his eyes. “She didn’t tell you that I was going along?”

"She won't tell me where she's going. And that doesn't exactly leave me with the warm fuzzies."

Millie gave an encouraging smile, placing a hand on his shoulder. “I’m afraid I can’t tell you much more than that, either. All I know is that it involves a colony that may have relocated itself without advising Starfleet of their destination. I think she’s just concerned that there might be more details.” She gave his shoulder a squeeze. “But I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. With as over-protective as she is? She wouldn’t take me along if she were worried about danger.”

He nodded slowly. Millie made a good point. Tricia got along with the counselor very well, and he knew she wouldn't put the less experienced woman in a situation that was more than Millie could handle. "True. So, Starfleet called her in to check it out?"

In that moment, Millie wasn’t entirely sure how to answer. She knew that Starfleet was overlooking the situation. “Trish is concerned that there’s something they missed. Why they left, where they might have gone--if they left anyone behind? She’s not given me much information, either, but if we are able to locate the missing colonists, I’m sure my help may be needed.”

He nodded again. "Is this what's kept her so preoccupied lately? She's even cut a couple of days planned with Kieran short, which is very unlike her. I don't think he's taking note of it, but it caught my eye."

Millie gave a soft chuckle. “She--she cut my lunch date short today. She was pretty insistent that we needed to leave quickly.”

He crossed his arms and leaned against the wall. "So, finding out what happened--and obviously, finding the colonists--will put her back to a normal routine, if you had to guess?" A thought occurred to him, and it was out before he could give it much thought. "Will a doctor be needed?"

Millie gave a quiet sigh. “Is everything alright between the two of you?”

"Everything's fine," he answered quickly. "Just that she's been preoccupied. I thought you might be able to shed some light on the situation."

Between the pacing and his body language, Millie knew otherwise. “What’s really on your mind, Chance?”

He pursed his lips. Why he didn't think she'd worm her way to the center of things, he couldn't guess, but he shoulda known better. "I don't like when she goes off on these dangerous missions. And she knows that. She doesn't give me anything to go on, so I don't know how long to worry normally, and when to worry and actually do something about it. So, can you tell me how long you think the two of you will be?"

“I think a few weeks, she said.” Millie stood, crossing to where Chance was. “Though, I can’t be entirely sure. It’s not every day that they let me leave the ship for a mission.” Millie placed a hand on his arm. “How is this affecting your marriage?”

Chance sighed, and tried not to roll his eyes as much as he wanted to. "This doesn't seem to be the time to analyze, if you have to get going so soon. You can ask me later." He took a deep breath. "Just...make sure she comes back, will ya?"

Despite the obvious tension in the room, Millie managed a smile. “If there’s anyone we’d be worried about surviving the dangers of an away mission, I’m pretty sure it’s the ballerina who wouldn’t hold her own.”

He couldn't argue with that, except to say, "You aren't the one who likes to skirt death as a hobby." With that he turned to exit out of her quarters.

Banks came around the corner at that moment to see if Millie was ready when she nearly ran into her husband. “You’re gonna save me a trip down to sickbay.” She leaned up and gave him a kiss. “I have everything planned while I’m gone. The replicator has about two dozen meals loaded up for both of you and I have increased the security protocols for the quarters when you’re working nights. Karina is going to stay with him at that point.”

He stepped back to avoid running her over. Her nonchalant mindset may have been what set him off the most. He nodded slowly. "So that's it. You make a bunch of plans without talking to me, and you're off. Well, have fun."

Millie, by now, had stepped out into the hallway, her duffle over her shoulder. “Chance--” she said softly.

“I have things I have to do so yes I made arrangements to take care of you two while I’m gone. I don’t see why you’re acting like this. You know my job.”

The counselor placed a hand softly on Banks’ arm. “Trish--”

"Right. You barely speak to for 2 weeks, and now, with no warning, you're gone, for God knows how long. Well, looks like it's time for you to go." He walked past both of them and to the lift, shaking his head.

Banks steeled herself, not looking at him as he left. When she did speak her voice was low. “I’ll see you in shuttle bay one.” She didn’t look at Millie more than a few seconds before turning and walking the other way.

Millie gave a quiet sigh. Once they got back, she would have some work to do.

Lieutenant JG Aemilia "Millie" Stepanova
Chief Counselor, USS Mercutio

Lieutenant JG Chance Crow
Medical Officer, USS Mercutio

Patricia Banks
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Mercutio


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