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Working Mom

Posted on Mon Sep 30th, 2019 @ 9:02am by Banks

Mission: Side Stories

Banks looked at all the PADDs scattered around her desk. One held intel reports she had yet to get to. Another was a to-do list for things she still needed to get around to doing around their quarters. A third listed dates associated with Kieran and his schooling.

The last was her side job. It had been flashing for a week but she had put off answering it. Taking a breath she settled herself and tapped the screen. It was the usual. They needed her for a job which was usually a day or two including travel but this one concerned her the more she read. This wasn't a simple hit or problem fixing. It was in depth and long term. It was also more credits she'd ever been offered for her work.

She let the PADD lay there with the red and green buttons taunting her. The payment was nice..wonderful in fact but it was more than that. She craved action and this proposal was action and danger and everything she'd shaped her life to be.

Before her life changed that is. She wavered for over an hour, working on the other PADDs but her eyes always returned to the blinking green button. Her concentration was broken when she heard the door open and a little voice declare that they were home. Without even a moment of doubt she tapped the red button and turned the PADD off.

There would be other jobs but he had a class trip in the holodeck tomorrow to visit Valucian rain forests and she was on the hook to help with the snacks. It didn't pay as well but she wouldn't miss it for the world.


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