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Come Into the Light

Posted on Mon Sep 17th, 2018 @ 5:16pm by Lieutenant JG Kayla Straut & Commander Edra Crow

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: First Officer's Office
Timeline: MD 3

Edra sat in her office, going over the ship's manifest, and making notes of all the changes since they'd left. She'd have a report to submit when they got to Headquarters. They'd lost a handful of officers, the most felt among those being that of Lt. Hartsfield. She'd put in a request to have his position filled while they were docked, knowing whoever was placed there couldn't fill his shoes.

She sighed, looking out the viewport, stars flying by in streaks of light. For the first time in months, almost a year, they were stars they knew. She felt like she should be happier, but it wasn't happening. With another sigh, she turned back to her work. Maybe when she got past everything that needed to be done for their return, she could look forward to what was to come.

A sharp knocked echoed against the door as it swung open to revel Kayla. "Per...oops.. That door swung open faster than I had wanted it too.." Kayla smiled slightly at Edra. It was not a face that she had seen recently.

"Lt. Straut, welcome. Please, sit down." She gestured to the chair on the other side of her desk, and waited for the other woman to sit before continuing. "Kayla, how have you been?" she asked with a smile.

"I have been great Commander" Kayla took her seat and smiled at the woman behind the desk. "It's been too long since I sat here. I vaguely remember siting here, once when I got into some trouble." Kayla chuckled at the memory before getting a serious look on her face.

"Commander if you would allow i'd like to come back to the Alpha shift"

"Actually, that's why I called you here. Our former Ops Chief decided to continue here on Earth. The Captain and I discussed it, and we'd like you to be Acting Ops Chief until we can fill the position. One you would likely be in the running for." Edra smiled, "Would that be acceptable to you?"

Kayla blinked and then nodded with vigor and leaned forward "Really! Oh I would love to! This will be great!"

Edra smiled. "I agree. I will look forward to seeing you more often again. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the time off after this ordeal."

"Thank you again Commander, I won't let you down I promise." Kayla rose and smiled over at Edra. "If I may.... my uh father and mother came out to see me today... " she squirmed a bit but was trying to keep the excitement down.

The First Officer nodded with a grin. "Go on, get outta here, and enjoy the down time."

Kayla nodded and took off outside the door yelling her thanks as she ran to meet her parents after a long time away.


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