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Loose Ends-----Onboard the Merc

Posted on Mon Oct 7th, 2019 @ 9:43pm by Captain Henry Crow & Commander Edra Crow & Lieutenant Commander Brielle Jayde & Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick & Lieutenant Edruj Daughter of Thrawn & Lieutenant JG Aemilia "Millie" Stepanova

Mission: The End of the Beginning
Location: Prata VI

Background: A shuttlecraft belonging to the USS Newton crashed for unknown reasons on Prata VI, a non-warp culture which was currently under Prime Directive care. Being the closest ship the Mercutio has been tasked with recovery and if possible, rescue.

Upon arriving in orbin undetected it was determined that the shuttle broke apart and/or exploded as told by some debris found on the surface. Further, it has been determined that the Pratans recovered most of the crash and any crew and took them to what we believe it a military installation about 80 miles away from the crash site. We cannot allow them to research, reverse engineer, or learn anything from this technology.

There will be two away teams. One will be tasked with destroying any left over pieces of that ship or technology associated with it. The other will be tasked with finding the bodies or rescuing any living crew from the shuttle.

As background the Pratans are humanoids but are very small. If you were 5 feet tall you'd be considered a shoe in for the NBA. As such any of us will look out of place to them so going undetected cannot be stressed enough.

The XO will determine the away teams and then I will make each of you your own posting thread for your away team.


Upon notice from the Helm that they were in orbit of Prata VI, Edra stood. They had already debriefed the crew on the way to their destination. Since they'd returned to the bridge, she'd given consideration to the makeup of both teams. Now that it was go-time, she was certain of whom she wanted where. "Alright, let's get ready. Brie, you've got the Debris Recovery Team, with Constance, Edruj, and Vox. Millie, Jason, and Caressa, you're with me, looking for bodies and hopefully survivors. Any questions?"

Brielle looked over, "No questions. Never thought we'd do debris recovery quite like this."

"With any luck," Edra replied, "You can just transport anything you find up, just stay in the planet's cloud layer and out of sight of the locals."


Henry had been nervously awaiting word when the OPS Officer piped up. "Sir, team one is back onboard."

"About time," he said with a relieved sigh.

The silver shimmer appeared in sickbay. The away team appeared with their cargo. Just as soon as she materialized Caressa started barking orders. She hit her comm badge. " All senior medical staff report to sick bay! All junior grade and below consider yourselves off shift for the next 12 hours" The staff started to scatter. Caressa meticulously, placed the bodies on the bio-beds making sure to keep them concealed. She did not want the inexperienced younger staff members to see such a grizzly site without some forewarning. She placed the "parts" in stasis cabinet, until they could be properly united with the proper body. "Counselor you might want to block some time on your schedule. I will only be scheduling the senior staff on this initially until I have had time to brief the junior staff." She went straight to the staff left and started to work out the plan for the fallen crew.

Millie had passed off her duffel bag to the medical staff as soon as Caressa started barking orders. She never responded to the CMO as she began her work, knowing well enough that look from a medical officer when their mind had fully shifted to the patients on the table.

Edra slipped out of the main triage room as the others worked, and into the CMO's office. She tapped her comm badge. +Henry+ "We're in Sickbay. There were no survivors, but you may want to come down here."

He didn't like the sound of that and handed off the Bridge as he quickly headed to the turbolift. A few minutes later he arrived in Sickbay. "What happened?"

Edra joined him as soon as he walked in. "We got them, and left no trace...that part was successful. But I suspect they were curious about their aliens, and they performed some dissections. We retrieved all parts, and Caressa is working on putting them back together as well."

He didn't even know how to reply to that. "What's the status of the other team?"

She shook her head, "I haven't heard from them yet. What time we weren't spending gathering the bodies, we were trying to blend in.

He nodded silently, still taken aback from what they had found.

Caressa gathered her senior staff. "Everyone what you are about to see is grotesque and one of the worst things I have witnessed. This is your opportunity to bow out now. It will not be considered against you if you decide not to participate." It was hard to even keep her composure. No one spoke up, "I assume from the silence that everyone is has accepted. Chase if you will take the lead and pick your team for bio-bed one. Ford, if you will take bio-bed 2 and assemble your team. I will take bio-bed 3 with my team. Each team will have a lead, that being myself, Chase and Ford. One of you will serve as a recorder, the last team member as a runner/go-to person. That being said. Your assignment is to take these, ::pointing to the stasis chamber holding the body parts:: to the bodies they belong too. Catalog them accurately and connect and secure them. This is not a rescue mission. We are respecting our fellow officers, and their families. You may begin."

The silence in Sick-Bay was enough to make a pin drop. Each team worked with the proficiency that Caressa had come to expect. It was going to be a long shift for them all.

Henry stepped out into the hallway, collecting his thoughts.

Millie walked out into the hall, just after Henry. "Are you alright, sir?"

"Savages," he said in a low tone. "God damned savages."

"But...not entirely unexpected, given the circumstances." She gently placed a hand on his arm.

He yanked his arm away. "Nothing excuses this," he paused, "Now I get to explain this to Starfleet." Without another word he walked off to the turbolift vanishing as the doors closed.

Brielle let out a heavy sigh and finally holstered her phaser, looking at the rest of the team. "I'll get the report into the captain, and see you guys later," she said before tapping on her com badge.

"Jayde to Captain Crow."

"Welcome back. I trust everything went smooth?"

"As smooth as can be expected, I believe the saying goes. However it is no matter we were victorious." Edruj replied and took her station.

"You heard Edruj. Something was happening that gave us a distraction, but not quite sure what it was. I take it the other team is back too?" Brielle started putting her things up and decided to head to the bridge.

"They are." He left it at that not wishing to rehash the details. "Good job down there. We'll cover the details during debriefing." Henry ended the call turning back to his monitor.

It was 12 hours after they first beamed back from the planet with the desecrated bodies. Caressa's team did there best putting each crew member back in order. She was secretly glad that the female had not been pregnant. She could only imagine what brutal things they might have done with a fetus. The bodies were not perfect but ok enough for viewing if the families decided they wanted different funeral arrangements. She made notes on her padd to schedule time with each person that was involved, with the counselor. She even had to admit to herself that even she was having a hard time coping.

* Melanick to Capt. Crow*

"Go ahead."

"Just letting you know as you requested. The crew has been cared for and are ready for any preparations that have been for them. I am giving the teams off for the next 48 hours. Is there anything else that you need? " She let out a audible sigh.

"No, just please pass along my thanks to your folks. You guys did a hell of a job."

"Thank you sir, I will pass it along. Melanick out"

She touched her com-badge and kicked back in the chair for a brief moment. She rose up out of her chair. Placed her lab coat over the chair. She touched base with the oncoming shift and left for her quarters.

Captain Henry Crow
Commanding Officer, USS Mercutio

Commander Edra Crow
Executive Officer, USS Mercutio

Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick
Chief Medical Officer, USS Mercutio

Lieutenant JG Aemilia "Millie" Stepanova
Chief Counselor, USS Mercutio

Lieutenant Commander Brielle Jayde
Second Officer, USS Mercutio

Lieutenant Edruj
Chief Science Officer, USS Mercutio

Commander Vox Templar
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Mercutio


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