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A day in the life.

Posted on Tue Jun 4th, 2019 @ 2:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick

Caressa sat in her quarters, curled up in her favorite chair, a pile of PADD’s all over the coffee table in front of her. She had on comfy clothes but not jammies. The only she hated about being the ships doctor, the paperwork. She had just gotten off the COMM with her children. They were certainly growing, both physically and educationally. They were both exceedingly smart. She hoped that they would both go to Star Fleet, but her daughter was the “different” child, focusing more on religion and philosophy. Who knew? She was in great hands with her Uncle Mikos.

Picking up the Padd, the text made her head hurt, staffing reports where finished. Mortality reports, usage reports, staff training and oh the annual report coming up in a month. Wonder if Henry might give her a pass on that one? Most likely not.

Her life had been very much a wild ride. The Romance department was mostly lacking. Vox was fun, but like playing the field to much. Not a fit. Dived was interesting but had pretty much dropped off the face of the earth in the past few months, so putting that one to rest would be easy. Dating was a bore. Hell, her life was a bore. What is a single girl to do? In all honesty she didn’t have many friends. The elf was gone, she missed Danae more than anyone knew.

It wasn’t like she had a lot of choices when it came to friends. Edra that would be strange. Banks, that’s just a no. She was hardly friendly to anyone. Millie was Millie, it always felt like she was digging. Brie had stuff going on. She did think in the back of her mind that Millie and Brie had Vox things going on although she had no proof. Drama was something she would rather not get into. Picking up another PADD, more new crew members.

The music started to blare out of the speakers. Now to get some work done.


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