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Same Old Situation

Posted on Sun Aug 1st, 2021 @ 12:34am by Lieutenant Commander Constance Stewart

USS Mercuto
Lt Constance Elaine Stewart
Assistant Security/tac. Chief

Personal log

Being back on the bridge felt weird. It was like old times in a way. Once again like old times Comander Bre was on the bridge with me only she was in charge this time.
I have the entire security team on standby in case something goes down on the surface. I was still stunned at how Captain Crow let Joustra order everyone around like he was in charge. What happens if Jostra gets killed on the planet's surface. Why can't those Klingons just give us what we ask them to? All of this seems fishy to me got a bad feeling they're gonna pull something dirty. Don't they understand that what they have is dangerous. If they use it, it's gonna blow up their ship and kill everyone. Is it worth it? Klingons think so differently; this battle isn't about honor. Looking at the viewing screen in front of me seeing the planet. Then seeing the blackness of space. Listening to the chatter on my headset security seems quiet for the most part. Can't help but think this is a trap, something doesn't smell right. I just not sure what. Even if they loose their not just gonna give us what we want not that easly. That's not how things work for us. Why do these things always happen to this ship? But at least it's not a nebula this time or some other crazy thing . Looking out the view screen in front of me
Spacing out. Watching for anything unusual. Not likeing the quiet at all. Quiet always means trouble. I feel like my stomach is in knots. How are we going to destroy this device once we get it. We may not need to worry about it if the Klingons blow themselves up with it. I'm sure our engineering/science team is on it. They're working their magic. Don't know why I'm so anxious about this mission. Everyone knows what they're doing. This ship runs like a well oiled machine. Looking back out into the view screen seeing the planet ahead. Hearing the humming of the ship beeping. It almost enough to put you to sleep. Shakes head need to stay awake I'm on duty. I need coffee that's what I need. Leaving the Bridge a min heading to the nearest replicator. Deciding to check on my team really quick. Helping them out some with a catfight putting both parties involved in the brig. Then making my way to the nearest replicator. "Coffee Black" I use my credits to pay for my coffee. I pull the cup out of the replicator to my lips. "That's what I needed right there I won't fall asleep now. Walking slowly back to the bridge nothing is going on right now so I'm taking my time drinking my coffee as I go. Getting into the TL headed back to the bridge drinking my coffee. The TL stopping at the Bridge as I step off and walk back to my seat and sit and space out.


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