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Me Time

Posted on Tue Jun 29th, 2021 @ 2:00pm by Lieutenant Constance Stewart

Lt Constance Elane Stewart
Assistant Security/Tactical officer
USS Mercuto

I finally have a day off Things have been so busy lately with training the security officers and getting adjusted to life back on the Merc. I haven't had much time to myself till today. I am in my quarters on my bed. Out of uniform in shorts and a t shirt nice cup of peppermint tea beside me and a PADD in front of me. Looking over the mandatory departments I need to visit within the month. I should make a list to make sure I have visited everyone..
The first on my list will be The Head of the Tactical department. To see what I can do to help her. She already knows who I am. We used to work together before I left.
I then need to see the chief medical officer for my physical get up to date on my vaccines. I should pass that with no difficulties . I know Chance is no longer CMO nor is he even on the Merc anymore. But the CMO that's their now is the shipsold CMO. She is an excellent Dr. Not sure about the bedside manor havent seen or talked to her in a while.
Last but not least make an appointment with the ship's councillor. To get my psyc eval done. Millie is always a sweet person. So easy to talk to. I could talk to her about anything. She won't judge she's been such a help to me in the past. I credit her for getting me thru both times I was kidnapped the first time I was on the Merc.
I can't think of anyone else I should see. Being back here brings back so many memories. I remember when I first came aboard the Merc. I thought I knew what I was doing thought I knew everything. I was so wrong. I was so lucky to have Captain Crow teach me the ropes. Things were rough at first. I wasn't used to all the missions or the fights. Or all the dangerous situations we got in. I'm surprised we survived and some of us didn't. Everytime we went on a mission it was a new adventure, a new risk we saved alot of people. Helped others find new lives, new ways of doing things. Those were some crazy days. But we are no longer doing away missions as often. I feel honored to be training the security officers. Useing my experances to help them. Become better officers stronger officers. My mom did the same only she wasn't on a ship like I am. She worked for Starfleet headquaters. Now that I think about it I'm in the family business. I'm just like mom and dad. I'm keeping their memory alive. I just hope their proud of what I have become. Not just in Starfleet but as a woman as well. I was so young when they both died. Theirs not a day go by when I don't think about them.


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