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Settling Back In

Posted on Wed Jun 26th, 2019 @ 8:08pm by Commander Vox Templar & Lieutenant Commander Brielle Jayde
Edited on on Tue Aug 27th, 2019 @ 10:13pm

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Brielle's Quarters
Timeline: 73485.88 (June 26, 2396, 2000 hours)

OOC: Set shortly after the crew gets back on board from the ballet. Sorry for the delay!

There was still far too much unpacking to do. Brie's parents had sent them with so many gifts for the kids that she was slowly getting through them while reorganizing her quarters to her liking. It had been a long time since she'd been able to do anything like this. And during space travel was the best time, as it was mostly quiet.

But her newly replicated toy boxes for each child was nearly full, on top of what they already had laying around. Collapsing onto the couch for a moment, she pushed her hair back, remembering why she didn't like doing this, but she wanted more personalization, this was the only way.

Vox had just called it a day from his office reviewing several reports about various developments throughout the sector. He made a turn down the corridor and headed toward Brie's quarters. They hadn't seen each other in a few days. When a starship starts to prep for leaving a location like Earth, it always seems to preoccupy the crew. He arrived at her door and pressed the chime button.

Not expecting anyone, Brie sat up a bit and listened to make sure the kids were still asleep from the chime. “Come in,” she said, picking up a toy next to her with a heavy sigh.

Vox entered the living quarters and smiled at Brie, leaning against a wall-mounted bookshelf. "Hey you. I figured I'd stop by and say hi." He watched her face and saw the hidden struggle of home stress.

Smiling at who it was, she willed herself up off the couch and went over to him, leaning on the same bookshelf before kissing his cheek. “Hey you. Long time no see,” she said with a smirk.

He savored the kiss, allowing his eyes to close momentarily. He liked that her mood changed when he walked in the door. "I figured that I'd stop by and get the latest security report." He cocked his head to one side and narrowed his eyes with a playful grin. "Any nefarious plots that I should know about?"

"Nefarious plots? Not unless you count the toys seeming to multiply the more I put away." Brie smirked before stepping closer and wrapping her arms around him. "I think they are out to get me when the kids are in bed," she said with a grin.

His eyes closed partly as he slowly leaned in to kiss her. "Good thing I showed up when I did, then." He kissed her soft lips, letting out a faint sigh as he wrapped his arms around her back.

Returning the kiss, she smiled underneath it and let her eyes close slightly. “Good thing indeed,” she whispered once the kiss broke. “Did you really stop by for a security report, Vox?”

He kept a deadpan expression as he pulled back a few inches from her face. "Absolutely serious, commander." Then he smirked back at her.

“Now I know you’re joking, because you don’t call me by rank unless on duty,” she smirked back. “We obviously don’t have to stand near the doorway, though I do rather like it right here, right now.”

He guided them over to the couch and sat down before frowning. He reached between his side and the arm rest, pulling out a plastic toy that had many uncomfortable angles on it. "I think this is yours..."

Taking the toy, Brie shook her head, “That would be Ossan’s. I love my parents but they sent way too many toys back with us. I get that they wanted to spoil the kids but I don’t have room for them all.” She set the toy down on the table before wrapping her arms around him again and laying against his chest.

He took the liberty of wrapping his arm around her and leaning back. "Well, next time tell your parents that there's a new moratorium on any additional cargo on the ship due to a warp field miscalibration that could take months to fix."

She smirked, “They have two other daughters on starships, including my twin sister. I think they know better.” She let out a soft content sigh. “You just came by to see me didn’t you?”

"Guilty as charged," he said with a smile. "I thought we could head over to the lounge for some dinner. I heard through the pipeline that the meatloaf parameters have been enhanced."

"You know the kids are asleep, Vox. I can't leave them here alone. But, we might be able to replicate the meatloaf here, spend the night in... if you wanted?"

"That sounds fantastic, Brie." He unzipped his uniform jacket and looked up at her with a smile. "I totally understand how it goes when priorities keep you in one place."

Grinning as he took off his uniform jacket, she couldn't help but smirk and wrap her arms around him. "Though, I'm not too terribly hungry."

He felt the warmth of her as he slid his arms back around her, holding her tightly. He returned her grin as he simply stated, "This seems to be all that we need..."

"I do agree," she said with another smirk, "And...the kids are asleep."

Lieutenant Commander Brielle Jayde
Second Officer, USS Mercutio

Commander Vox Templar
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Mercutio


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