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Gone to long

Posted on Wed Feb 20th, 2019 @ 1:49pm by Lieutenant Constance Stewart

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Earth Constance's apt
Timeline: Present
Tags: All

After having a mental breakdown that hospitalized her for 3 months in Starfleet medical Psych Unit. Where they gave her meds and taught her how to deal with the depression,the Anxiety and the flashbacks, the suicidal thoughts,the nightmares. That came from the years she was on the Merc and the things that happen to her on the missions things she had pushed back into her mind.
She had been released from the Hospital 6 months ago and was doing out patient treatment seeing a councilor, taking her meds. Everything was going well she was recovering really well.She was living in a apt near starfleet alone.If all went well she should be released to go back to duty in a month.


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