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The End Argument

Posted on Thu Jan 31st, 2019 @ 6:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Brielle Jayde

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Brie & Razot's quarters
Timeline: 2 days into shore leave

"Do you think I came by this decision lightly?! How long have we tried to sort all of this out?" Brielle was beyond frustrated, and was properly angry. The kids were in bed, and it was late. They were on shore leave but there were no plans that either of them had made yet. Razot was just as if not angrier than Brie for even suggesting what she'd just suggested.

"Everything we've gone through, and this is the decision you come up with?!" His fists were clenched, but he kept his distance for the time being. "You have not even tried to..."

She cut him off, "We've been trying for months Razot! Any time we talk it ends up like this! We have not made any joint decisions in I don't know how long. We keep it calm around the kids but they know something is going on. Ossan is smarter than you might realize, and Aysel is catching on as well. I don't care how young they are, they understand something isn't right."

Razot took a few steps closer, still angry, obviously no longer channeling his Ferengi side. "I stayed with you through all the hell that you went through, stayed with you after that whole ordeal with what's-his-name, through the chance that Aysel may not have been mine!"

"You haven't been around, Razot!" Brie stood her ground, though didn't like how close he was getting with being that angry. "Not questioning the opposite shifts ever since they started, not paying attention to what this has done to this family! You were there for me through a lot but you haven't been now."

He cut her off this time, being within arms reach now, though there was still space between them. He reached out and slapped her across the face. "How dare you!I haven't been around?! I have been here..." She stood her ground still, but her face stung fiercely. "No, you haven't! You've been here but not caring, not paying attention to this family. You used to only care about what was best for us, as a whole. Now you don't! You are too engrossed in your work or sleeping between shifts. Have you not noticed Ossan stays away from you?! How Aysel cries any time you pick her up?!"

Taking another few steps closer, Razot was standing within inches of Brielle. He was absolutely livid, and shoved her down to the couch. Brie stared at him, afraid of what he might do next. She'd never seen him like this, though it just made the decision even more clear.

"Maybe it's a good thing we're on shore leave," he finally said, "I'll request a transfer tomorrow, then you'll never have to deal with me again! We can deal with this whole damned thing while not being near each other." He looked ready to punch her across the face, but instead went towards the bedroom. The sound of the drawers opening and a bag unzipping could be heard. Brielle put her hand onto her cheek where she'd been hit before she noticed Ossan holding onto a crying Aysel in their bedroom doorway.

The yelling had been so loud that she hadn't heard them wake up. Getting up, Brie went over and took Aysel from Ossan before leading them back to their room. "He's still mad," Ossan said softly as she sat down in the chair in their room, scooping him up onto her lap as well. Aysel had tears on her cheeks but was laying against Brie's shoulder.

"I'm sorry we woke you two up. We didn't mean to. But..." How was she supposed to tell her two children that the only man they knew as their father wasn't going to be there anymore? "We...mommy and daddy can't make this family work anymore together. So he's going to go someplace else."

Aysel was asleep already, and likely wouldn't understand as it was. Ossan laid his head against her other shoulder. "Friend at school has mommy and daddy not together..says it called 'daborce'." He yawned and closed his eyes. She'd have to properly explain it to him once he wasn't as tired. "Yes, sweetie, that's what it is."

The moment he was asleep, Brie got them both back into their beds, stepping out after turning the light down. Razot was still there.

"Give them these," he stated, handing her a few PADDs. "They can stay with you. You can keep that land on Bajor, I don't need it back. It was for Ossan anyways. We'll sort out the legalities later." He still was livid but didn't want to wake up the children again. "Tell them I'm sorry." He picked up his two bags and headed out the door without another word to her.

Collapsing down onto the couch, Brie finally broke down. She let the PADDs fall into a messy stack on the table and let the tears flow. Not once since she ever ended up with Razot did she think it would end up this way. She thought she'd finally found the one. But things fell apart quickly and hard. Curling her legs up underneath her, she fell against one of the pillows on the end of the couch, crying into it. She wanted to scream, but even into the pillow the kids would likely hear it.

Something caught her eye on one of the PADDs, as the stack had fallen to the floor when she had moved. One of them was addressed to her. Did she even want to read it? Reaching over after wiping a few tears away, she picked it up and glanced it over. It was obvious now that he had been thinking along the same lines as her for a while, as the letter was written in a way that looked as though he'd realized there was no way to rekindle what they had before. He just had tried to fight, same as her.

But the fighting was done. Brie didn't try to keep herself awake, but nor did she try to go to her actual bed. She instead fell asleep right where she was. She knew she wouldn't sleep well, as she never did after a yelling match, even though this one ended up differently. Any sleep was sleep at this point.


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