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Captain’s log Stardate 100225.91

Posted on Wed Aug 17th, 2022 @ 10:07pm by Captain Henry Crow

Mission: Magic Mirror

I should have learned a long time ago to expect the unexpected when it comes to this ship but I’m still at a loss for what we’ve experienced in recent weeks.

A Starfleet scientific team arrived this morning to take possession of the thing we’ve had locked up. Their method of retrieval was less than ideal when it attached itself to one of them and the others simply used that poor soul as a vehicle for removal. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy that it was off my ship, but I cannot help but wonder what plans are in store for that life form.

Our second visitor is sitting in our brig under triple guard. Under the direction of Patricia, all the mirror devices have been destroyed which means that the other Ensign Moro is now a permanent resident of this universe. I hadn’t realized how much the Counselor has changed or given her credit for it, but she showed a side I’d never seen before, though I can guess who helped in the transition.

The Science department under Lieutenant Harris has been designated to root out the sensor program that the alternative Moro installed on the ship. I have full faith it will be done quickly. Until it is, I have ordered us to remain in our current position. It also buys us time for Caressa and Chance to get Sickbay back in order.

Every first-year cadet understands the idea of the mirror universe, no pun for our recent issues, but from the debriefings of the crew who had been replaced this was yet another universe. How many are out there? Do they have their sights on us? Is it the other way around? For now, I’ll just be satisfied that we’re okay.


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