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Posted on Tue Sep 21st, 2021 @ 5:24pm by Lieutenant Constance Stewart

Mission: Collision Course

I was working the night shift normally I worked day shift but they were short handed on nights I decided to work nights to help out.
I was up on deck 5 doing a patrol, all was quiet and peaceful, everyone snug in their beds enjoying their slumber. When suddenly the ship was violenly rocked, sending me into the air I felt my head slam into the wall followed by my back. I felt a sickening pop along my spine. I felt something warm on the back of my head. I reached back to feel blood. I felt really dizzy and nauseous as I threw up in the hall. Then I heard screaming. I had to get up and help. I started to move but my legs didn't want to work. Still hearing screaming, feeling adrenaline rush thru my body forcing my legs to work as I felt unbearable pain in my back and head still feeling dizzy and nauseous but pushing thru it. I got on my com "This is Lt Stewart I'm on deck 5 I need assistance" silence com must be down. I headed toward the screaming, noticing the crew quarters was on fire. I could hear at least two in there. " Help is on its way, hang on" I noticed the keypad had melted. I was gonna have to open the door manually. I felt how hot the door was as I pulled the door open feeling the heat blister my hands but ignored the pain the quarters were on fire. I got on my tummy and crawled my way around the quarters. Seeing the frightened children. "it's ok I'm gonna get you out of here ok I need you to lay face down on my back. Two girls did what I asked them as I got low to the ground and crawled back out of the quarters and out of the burning hallway. Once we got out to the hall I had one of the girls hug my front while I piggybacked the other one. "It's ok girls I'm going to get you both to safety" I head toward the turbo lift thank God it still works. I put the girls in the lift and press the button for the medical floor. I send them off. I stay behind looking for more survivors. My legs give out and I fall to my knees but I force myself back up. Coughing from the smoke I head down the smoke filled halls pulling more people from their quarters and putting them on the TL sending them to medical. My own injuries catching up to me as I fall to my knees and can't get up. I roll onto my stomach and drag myself down the hall to the TL. I cough again bringing up blood this time. I'm exhausted. My head hurts so bad as I vomit again getting it on my clothes. "Almost there " I say as I drag myself closer to the TL feeling myself get weaker and weaker. Seeing the TL ahead as I drag myself closer then finally into the TL as I hit the button for the medical floor and go unconscious.


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