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Never Normal

Posted on Tue May 4th, 2021 @ 1:00pm by Lieutenant Michael Harris & Commander Caressa Melanick
Edited on on Wed May 5th, 2021 @ 7:33am

Mission: Knock Knock
Location: Astrometrics
Timeline: Current mission

Her eyes struggled to open. At first she thought she was on her bed, but no it was not to be. She found herself on the floor somewhere. She squinted, and blinked a few times to clear the cob webs. She looked up and was startled for a moment when she saw Edruj looking at her. In fact, she slide back a few feet from her.

"Oh dear God, where am I at this time?" Caressa collecting her blanket and covering up. Thank goodness she had started wearing regular pajamas instead of slinky stuff to avoid embarrassment.

Edruj had been observing the process of a star collapse. A rare opportunity that presented itself during the mission. The appearance of the Doctor was surprising and curious. "Good morning Doctor. You are in Astrometrics." Edruj wondered if there was anything that she could do for the doctor. She waited to see if there would be an explanation.

"Astrometrics? Well that's better than the hallway. Do you know how I got here? Caressa stood and found a vacant chair. Wrapping the blanket again around her.

Edruj tilted her head to one side as it seemed the answer to that question which should be something basic, eluded and perplexed her. "Now that you mention it, no I do not. I was observing the collapse of the Beta Toran star when I heard you ask where you were. I turned and here we are. Perhaps what is more perplexing is that you do not know how you got here. Shall I alert Sick Bay?" Edruj was now fascinated with this mystery but she had to first make sure that the Doctor was ok.

She sighed. " This is not the first time. Actually I think its about the sixth. I have done scans and I cant find anything. Trying to keep it on the down low, but I think it might be time to ask for some outside help. Should also tell Henry, I mean Capt. Crow."

"Indeed, however, before we can tell anyone anything we should try to get some information for them. Tell me about these movements." Edruj began to scan Caressa with a tricorder. The scientist needed data if she was to form a hypothesis. The lab was a little ominous as the lights were dimmed and the colors of the ever changing star on the screen was the only light source.

"It has happened numerous times, I believe this is number six or seven. Not including the original episode on earth during shore leave. I have a log back in my quarters of the times and locations. I can also forward the scans I have done post "trip". " She was trying to give Edruj the most concise information she had.

"Yes having a look at those scans would be helpful. Tell me is this happening to anyone else on the ship, that you are aware of. Is the sensation more of a sleep walking sensation or is it more like a transporter effect?" Edruj already had the computer parsing the data as she spoke. The scientist was in full gear, and there were so many questions.

Caressa thought out loud, " There are no similar situations that have been reported in sick bay. Maybe security might have an idea. Especially if it was just a once or twice occurrence with someone?" She rubbed her temples. " I can really relate a sensation to it. Its not like a transporter. I basically go to sleep and wake up somewhere. I had been thinking I was sleep walking, but surely someone would have had to have seen me. Just me and my blanket are the only things that have been consistent." Caressa took a chair next to Edruj.

"I know of the human custom of not waking sleep walkers. It is possible that you were seen and left to your own devices as people followed that custom. I also know that when one sleep walks for the first time it is usually because they have something weighing upon their mind. Is there anything that suits this bill for you? I am going to have the computer look for any sign of you on internal sensors."

"That's a great idea. Why didnt I think of that? Should we check transporter logs also?" She sat up, this was really going to help her.

"Yes although I do not think that you were transported. At least you weren't today. There is a light and a high frequency sound that accompanies someone when they are beamed in. I did not see or hear that when you arrived." Edruj spoke firmly, it was her scientific brain at work. Whenever there was a mystery she took it exceptionally seriously. When she finished speaking the computer chimed that its search of the sensor logs was complete. "It seems that they found multiple hits. I will bring up the most recent one."

The screen showed Caressa walking calmly and with purpose from her quarters down the corridor toward the turbo lift. She did not seem to be acknowledging anyone in the corridors as she passed.

"Well, that is concerning, maybe I am sleep walking? Can we watch the rest?" She pulled her legs up to her chest like she was watching a horror movie.

"Yes..." Edruj said without any hesitation. The next log showed Caressa entering the ship's communications center. It seemed that she dismissed the officer on duty. When she was alone in the comm center Caressa accessed the ship's comm logs. Edruj exhaled sharply through her nose as the record played. A moment later Caressa left and the comms officer returned. "Do you remember any of this?" Edruj asked as she paused the playback.

Caressa had a horrified look on her face. "No none of this. What am I doing? I think maybe we need to get the senior staff together. Immediately."

"Agreed..." Edruj said and then paused as she weighed her next words carefully. "Ma'amm, with all due respect and in light of the current evidence I am going to have to alert security and have them place a guard on you." This was one duty that Edruj was going to hate.

" I agree, unfortunately. " She sat back in the chair and sighed. "Why cant things just be normal for once. "

Lieutenant Commander Caressa Melanick
Chief Medical Officer, USS Mercutio

Lieutenant Edruj
Chief Science Officer, USS Mercutio


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